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FROM THE CEO – Teachers postpone break to attend “school”

With tears flowing and shouts echoing around gyms and arenas, District 49 is sending hundreds of graduates into a welcoming world. Graduates from our six high schools represent the robust portfolio of schools that make up our districtís identity. A small number of our graduates took a traditional path through conventional district schools since kindergarten. The majority of our graduates have spent time learning in other districts, in home school settings, in charter schools, online schools, or through vocational and concurrent enrollment. We are honored that the families and students who are celebrating this season chose to finish high school with District 49.With graduates walking into the world and all our other students sprinting toward summer vacation, you might be surprised that our schools are still filled with learners, workers, and leaders. This week, hundreds of teachers and other staff delayed their vacation to attend an in-district conference about Schoology, our primary learning management system or LMS. Most of the presenters were district teachers or technology specialists. Itís easy to exaggerate the benefits of technology like Schoology, but itís impossible to overstate the value of having teacher leaders share their expertise with colleagues. As our teachers and schools get better at supporting digital learning, District 49 will see continuing improvements in performance and preparation. We can thank our teachers and credit their dedication for making sure our district stays current with the best educational technology.One day after the Schoology conference, another group of teacher leaders gathered at Springs Studio for the inaugural District 49 Ed Camp. The Ed Camp movement is a series of ìunconferencesî where educational leaders assemble, choose topics, identify local experts, and host a one-day, crowd-sourced conference ó planned, delivered, and implemented by the participants themselves. The first D 49 Ed Camp was a tremendous success, attracting staff from all over the district and visiting leaders from districts around the region. The spontaneous sessions covered topics like using social media tools, Google integration, video production, student portfolios, and how to manage BYOD programs where students learn on the devices they already own. With desktops, notebooks, iPads, Chromebooks, Kindles, and all sorts of other technologies around the district, I am proud of the educators who gave up a day to become students and partners. It was also exciting to see teachers learning from students (as young as fifth grade) as they presented their projects and technology tips to eager adult learners.Because they work so hard at learning, the quality of our leaders continues to grow. Even though we have one of Coloradoís lowest administrative rates per capita, we continue to attract top-tier administrators and teachers from across the state and around the nation. We have had the privilege of hiring senior leaders from the classroom, through the school level, and to lead the Falcon and iConnect zones. Some of those new leaders have earned statewide recognition as the best ìof the year,î while others have proven, by their distinguished service in District 49, that they are ready to lead our district toward peak performance. Without exception, the quality of our candidates is superior, and the new talent joining our team is making us an even better district. In just the past few weeks, leaders who are new to our district have been asked to present at multiple state and national conferences about the great work going on in District 49.Our district continues to face the challenges of explosive growth and limited resources, but we are proud of the innovation and resourcefulness that keep programs strong for our students. The year ahead will be full of exciting announcements, vigorous debates about our future, and countless opportunities to celebrate a new senior class with all the promise they represent. Thank you for holding our district to the highest standard and thank you for standing with us to offer your highest support. It is a privilege to work alongside staff, students and a community, as you drive District 49 to be the best place to learn, work, and lead.

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