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FROM THE CEO – Our inspiring District 49 community

Falcon Friends, as we celebrate through the traditional holiday season, I want to take this chance to point out the ways our schools are richer because of the community we build. In Falcon District 49, we take community seriously. The first two of our five Big Rocks, or strategic initiatives, emphasize the importance of earning the trust and engagement of our community. Here are some activities that we think help bring that vision to life.On Friday, Nov. 15, students from our culinary program at the Patriot Learning Center continued an annual tradition of preparing and serving a turkey dinner to firefighters and seniors from our community. The students learned a great lesson. Itís wonderful to cook and present great food, but the real joy is seeing a room full of grateful and satisfied diners. All of these givers need receivers to complete them. Thatís why we take turns in our communityófirst teaching, then learningóhelping a neighbor in crisis, then watching that neighbor volunteer at a school where our children attend. The circle of community is a constant expression of giving and gratitude; we thank the students and staff at Patriot Learning Center for being a regular example of a caring community.As I have traveled throughout the district for Veteranís Day events and sports competitions and performances, it has been helpful to hear from parents and teachers. I like to ask what weíre doing well, what we need to start and if there is anywhere we might need to stop and reconsider. Iím trying to use technology to make those connections convenient. So you will continue to see some videos and messages on our website, Facebook page, over Twitter and in print. But I still value real face time, not just the app on your iPhone. To get some of that face time with community members, Iím beginning a series of CEO Chats, where local businesses have graciously accepted my request to invite community members for informal conversations about the future of our district and the community we serve. I have so much to learn and so many people to meet that I hope these chats will help me integrate more fully into our community. I invite you to check the schedule on our web page, and then plan to come by for a meal, a snack or just a conversation. Iím hoping to meet a lot of you between now and Christmas.Since it is the season for gifts and gratitude, please accept my sincere thanks for your support and commitment to our district. From the kind notes to teachers to the great respect our teams show each other, Iím continually inspired by the kind of community we model for our children. I consider it a blessing to serve and learn in this community, and I trust that your holiday season will be full of the great gifts that family and friends can bring.

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