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Itís time to celebrate the students who embody our mission. Nearly 270 Falcon High School students strode proudly across the World Arena stage on May 23 to receive a hard-earned diploma. Some students soared easily through school while others clawed and willed their way to the end; but every graduate has earned our respect and confidence.Our students are more ready for college than ever before. According to a college remediation report released in mid-May, District 49 graduates have established a three-year pattern of improving performance in Colorado colleges and universities. We are proud to have independent evidence that our schools are delivering better preparation for our students.One reason that more of our students are ready for college coursework is the quality of teacher leadership in the classroom. This year, our principals are proud to nominate 14 teaching professionals for the National Teacher of the Year award. Each of our district nominees will compete for recognition as Colorado Teacher of the Year, and one may go on to represent our state at the national level. We will be featuring the nominated teachers at our board meetings and in other district communications in the months to come.Another reason for confidence in our schools was represented at the last board meeting when we honored staff and students recognized for competitive excellence. At Falcon High School, the Health Occupations Students of America club claimed multiple state championships and will represent our district at the national conference in June. Also at FHS, a student team worked to solve cyber security situations as part of their winning performance in the Colorado CyberPatriot competition. Both teams earned recognition as the best in state in various aspects of network defense and protection.Both HOSA and CyberPatriot, along with dozens of sports, performing groups and academic clubs reinforce the value that District 49 puts on co-curricular clubs and activities. With committed teachers leading great students in a wide variety of supplemental learning, this is a great time to be a student in District 49.So this is District 49 in the spring of 2014. Our graduates are thriving. Our teachers are excelling. Our programs are winning and our schools have earned the praise of our nationís highest educational leader. We are proud of District 49 and our growing confidence is starting to show.As we proceed through the summer, we are converting our website to a new format with a new hosting provider. As part of that conversion, we will debut a new logo that draws on our location, our legacy and our path to the future. I wonít spoil the surprise by saying too much, but if you pay attention, you may start seeing our refreshed identity on materials and messages around the district. With so many schools and programs to promote, our new website and media tools will give our staff better ways to stay connected with the community.Even though we are justifiably proud of where we have been, we hold even deeper enthusiasm about what the future promises. The successes you see happening all around are just the first results of our commitment to be the best district to learn, work and lead.

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