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Florida’s high speed train inspiration for Colorado

By Lara Freeman 

Florida’s Brightline High Speed Train has caught the attention of Colorado transportation planners. 

“Having a high speed option for residents and tourists will really give Colorado a boost and launch us into the future of high-speed transportation,” said Henry Riordan, director of the planning project. “The Brightline was designed to alleviate traffic issues by providing an alternative to cars, while still being an efficient form of transportation from one major area to another,” Riordan said.

“The plans are in the initial development stage, but currently we hope to update the track line along the front range for commuters traveling from Colorado Springs to Denver. Additionally, we are discussing laying down a new track alongside Highway 24. With the current growth in Falcon and surrounding areas, we are looking at what commuting needs Colorado will have in the coming years. The line will run down to the Colorado Springs Airport and connect with the main line down there,” Riordan said. 

Brightline travels at speeds of about 80 miles per hour, but with updates to the system, it recently performed a speed test at which it traveled at 130 mph. “High-speed transportation lines are the norm in Japan, and with Florida’s Brightline paving the way here in the United States, we hope to jump on board, if you’ll pardon the pun,” Riordan said. “We really want to make a positive change in Colorado’s transportation infrastructure, offering travelers a smooth and quick path from one city to another here in Colorado.” 

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