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CINCMOM HAS REPORTED LERTCON. After 41 weeks of Baby Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (BIPB), HQ PARENTCOM successfully transitioned to BabyCon2 on 0210071248L (12:48 p.m. 10 Feb, 07). At 0219070645L (6:45 AM 19 Feb, 07) CINCMOM declared BabyCon1 ñ notifying all interested parties that launch was imminent. At 0219072300L (9 p.m. 19 Feb, 07), PARENTCOM began targeting, tracking and monitoring BabySat 1 ñ from launch preparation to parking orbit. Initial sources report that the launch sequence began at 02190730L (7:30 a.m. 19 Feb 07) with a fuel loading process (induction) lasting 11+hours on the pad. International VIPs invited to observe the launch reported initial difficulties with the launch causing the crews at BLC1 (BabyLaunch Complex 1) to initiate the “C-Section Launch sequence,” given that BabySat1 had a slightly awkward azimuth prior to launch.After initial engineering checkout, JFCC BABYSPACE declared Babysat 1 IOC, nominal orbit at 02192130L (9:30 p.m. 19 Feb 07) with the official moniker of Christopher Michael Morlan. CMM is a unique design – complete with highly advanced sensor packages, 4 major arrays, conventionally called (Right and Left Arm // Right and Left Foot). Early warning space surveillance sensors have picked up an unusual pattern of “cooing and crying soundsî ñ non hostile but certainly of a distinct signature pattern for tipping and queuing of future assets. According to amateur astronomers, CMM is reportedly leaking unknown gases and other “debris” routinely, but this is not expected to disrupt his normal flight path. CMM is expected to have “adaptive hardening” on board, and an ability to reflect a pinkish hue over the course of the next 9 orbits and will reportedly make contact with the primary ground station in Falcon, CO ~ 02220900L (9 a.m. 22 Feb 07).

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