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Field house proposed for Falcon

If Greg Solberg’s idea to build a new field house in Falcon comes to fruition, the unique concept could benefit both the community and the school district.Solberg proposed his plan to the Falcon School District 49 board at their August meeting. He would like to build an indoor field house for sports-related activities behind the current Falcon Middle School in the infield of the track area. When the middle school students make a transition to the old Falcon High School, the middle school will become a community education center. Solberg said it’s a perfect match with a sports facility. The community center will serve as temporary quarters for the Pikes Peak Library District, house alternative education classes and classes sponsored by Pikes Peak Community College. The center also will provide meeting places for civic and business groups.Solberg’s plan requires a dual lease agreement between him and the district. In exchange for the property, D 49 would have access to the facility Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. “The rest of the time, the facility will be a revenue-generating business for competitive sports organizations,” Solberg said.The field house would be open to adult and youth leagues for team sports like softball, baseball, volleyball and soccer.The field house building structure will be manufactured by Cover-All Building Systems. The Canadian company produces steel-frame fabric-membrane buildings, and according to its Web site, they have sold more than 22,000 fabric buildings over the last 12 years.Solberg said the 120-by-120 dome building will be divided by a chain-link fence, with AstroTurf as the flooring on one side and a universal sports court for volleyball or basketball games on the other side. He said he plans to install removable batting and pitching cages.The canvas-like cover allows plentiful light throughout the facility, Solberg added. His plan also includes a modular building that would be placed at the “edge” of the field house. The modular would house an office, a conference room and restrooms.Solberg’s two sons were the catalysts for his idea. The boys, age 10 and 12, played competitive baseball. “My kid was on the 11 and under state champion team in Colorado,” he said. “We won the division and when we played in the Steamboat World Series, we took seventh overall. We can only play 70 games over the course of the summer, and other kids were playing year round – 140 games.” An indoor facility “raises the bar for them to be competitive,” Solberg said.”It’s an awesome idea – an example of the school district and a business trying to find a solution to partner to benefit kids,” said Jay Hahn, the D 49 school support and community relations coordinator. “It’s hard to find space for our kids to practice, and we as a district need additional facilities for our kids. And there’s nothing like this in Colorado Springs. It’s a win-win for the district if everything – the legalities, etc. – all work out. It benefits both the school district and our community at large.”Solberg said his attorney is drawing up a contract that D 49 attorneys will review. If all goes well, he’ll present the contract to the school board in September.Once he has a red light to proceed, the building materials will be shipped to Falcon, and Rocky Mountain Builders will construct the field house. Solberg said it takes just two weeks for the builders to erect the facility. He’s hoping for February, but the state must approve the building. “It’s a new concept for Colorado – a first of its kind in this state,” Solberg said.”There’s just a huge need for this, and I am confident we can work this out.”

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