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El Paso County Colorado District 49

Falcon School District 49 Board April Meeting

The Falcon School District 49 monthly board meeting was held on April 7 with approximately 50 people in attendance. The previously proposed changes in the transportation services were unanimously approved by board members Paul Bryant, Laine Gibson, Judy Holman and Dave Martin. Secretary Carol Chapman was Tom Junk made a proposal for an Army JROTC program at Sand Creek High School beginning next year. President Paul Bryant voiced concern regarding the $195,000 cost of the program. While agreeing that the program is worthwhile, Bryant said, “I just don’t see how we can justify the expenditure when we have so many other pressing needs.” The district would be required to provide classroom and office space, computers, phone and other essential items for the program. Currently, Falcon High School has a successful Air Force JROTC program, which involves more than130 students from both district high schools. Junk agreed to look at programs offered by other branches of the military and report back to the board.A November 2005 ballot issue was also discussed. The board members all agreed that a mil-levy override is the best option to get the needed new schools built. “A mil-levy is the only option that can get us even close to what we need,” said Bryant. “It must be made clear to the voters that it is not a blank check. The money will only be used to build schools.” “The accountability is there,” Martin said. “A mil-levy can be capped just like a bond and is also cheaper than a bond.” Holman and Gibson agreed that the district should go back to the voters again. “Enrollment is steadily increasing and will continue to do so,” Gibson said. Current enrollment in all D 49 schools is at 9,757 students; an increase of 11.23 percent from a year ago.Superintendent Ron Wynn gave an update on the talks with the developers voluntarily contributing to build schools. “The discussions are getting serious but there is still no proposal on the table,” Wynn said. Wynn said he believes the developers are sincere, and he understands that it helps them to sell homes when they can honestly boast about the quality of the local school district. Board members will also meet with developer representatives at the end of April. They are hopeful some agreement can be reached; however, it won’t eliminate the need for additional funding for construction.Another agenda item discussed was holding a workshop for potential school board members. President Bryant, Secretary Chapman, and Vice-President Holman’s seats will be vacated in November 2005. Due to term limits, none will be able to run again. The workshop would inform potential candidates of what the responsibilities of the school board are, how the board operates, rules and regulations, etc.The next board of education meeting will be held on May 5 at 6:30 p.m. in the boardroom at the central administration office on Woodman Road.

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