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Falcon football: two heads are better than one

Terry Poirier and Brian Green have coached together at Falcon Middle School for the past 10 years. This year, they are sharing the head football coaching job at Falcon High School.The position opened when Trevor Hudson, former head coach, resigned after the Colorado High School Activities Association suspended him for violating recruiting rules. Green said they werenít thinking about leaving the middle school. ìWe were real happy coaching the middle school,î he said.When the opportunity presented itself, Green and Poirier presented the idea of co-coaching the team.ìWe interviewed separately, with the understanding that we would be co-coaches,î Green said. ìThere would be no other way that either one of us would go forward without that being understood. Two coaches are better than none.îìIt was the toughest decision I have made in a long time,î Poirier said. Both coaches had spent the last six months preparing the middle school team for its fall season. ìWe are so proud of them and so pleased,î Poirier said. ìWe think they have a great chance to be successful.î Rich Billingsley, formerly with the Falcon Youth Football program, is the middle schoolís new head coach.Although they said it was difficult to leave ìtheir guysî at the middle school, Poirier and Green were equally excited to be reunited with their former middle school players, who are now playing at the high school. ìWe are so blessed and happy to be reunited with the group that is seniors,î Poirier said. ìThey are just fabulous guys that are winners in every sense of the word.îSince Poirier and Green have coached together for so long, they know each otherís strengths and weaknesses. ìOur strengths fill in each other gaps,î Green said. ìHe (Poirier) is the football guru, master motivator; he is the coach that knows all the Xs and Os, the fundamentals.î Poirier agreed. ìWe are proponents about stressing football fundamentals,î he said. ìFootball fundamentals are what we hope to be really good at.î Green talked about his strengths as the co-coach. ìI take care of all the logistics, the website, the press releases, the high-tech stuff,î he said. Green said he primarily coaches the offense and Poirier coaches the defense. Both coach the special teams.Both coaches are optimistic and expect a winning season. ìWe are going to play physical old-school football,î Green said. ìWe think we are going to be one of the top teams in 4A Colorado.îPoirier said the season is all about the players. ìWe told them day one that this is not about us,î he said. ìThis is about you guys and living your dreams.î

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