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Exchange students looking for host families

Exchange students from around the world are looking for host families in Colorado for the 2017-18 school year. Duane Slocum is the international coordinator for the Aspect Foundation in the Pikes Peak region, and responsible for matching outstanding students with welcoming host families.Many families have lived in different parts of the world. They are ideal families for hosting a bright high school student into their home for the 10-month school year. Families who still have children at home make wonderful host families, and equally successful are single parents who have traveled to different parts of the world. There is no mold for the perfect host family, even a single person can qualify to host a student.A potential home family is able to review hundreds of student profiles on a database from 26 non-English speaking countries around the world. Many students specifically request to come to the Pikes Peak region. Potential host families will complete an online application and background check. Slocum will visit the host familyís home to ensure it is suitable for an exchange student and to meet all members of the family. The visit is required by the Aspect Foundation and the state.Male and female exchange students are age 15 to 17. The students will have good English speaking and writing skills, health insurance and spending money.The home familyís selected student arrives in early August, about seven to 10 days before the beginning of the school year. Students in Falcon School District 49 arrive in late July because school starts the first week of August.Families who want more information should contact Slocum at; 719-599-8955 (home), 719-440-7402 (mobile): or review the Aspect home page at

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