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Eight necessary social graces

Jacquelyn Youst is the owner of the Pennsylvania Academy of Protocol, a company specializing in social polish coaching for children, teens and adults. Jacquelyn serves clients in the United States and as far away as the Philippines. She is a regular source for major television and news outlets, including NBC News, Readerís Digest, USA Today, etc.

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” – Clarence ThomasHold the door for everyoneDonít let the door hit someone behind you.Be on timeNo one wants to wait around because some people think their time is more valuable.Shake handsIf you are sitting, stand up to shake hands with someone. Make eye contact.Put the cell phone awayWhen you are constantly checking your phone, you send the message something else is more important than the person in front of you.Answer the telephone politely ñ- every timeSmile when you talk on the phone. It is possible to hear a smile over the phone.Say excuse me and thank youBelieve it or not, people respect you for doing so.Use good table mannersPut the phone away. Put the napkin on your lap. Eat only when everyone has been served.Write thank you notesUsing Facebook or Twitter to thank people for a wedding, birthday or baby gift, etc., is atrocious etiquette.

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