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Itís time for the aspen trees to turn gold; here are some facts about them:

  • Gunnison is home to Kebler Pass, which boasts the largest aspen grove in North America and is one of renowned photographer John Fielder’s favorite places.
  • Aspen trees are also easily drilled by excavating bird species and thus play host to numerous cavity-nesting bird species, including chickadees, bluebirds, sapsuckers, and downy woodpeckers.
  • As aspen trees grow, their top branches get the most light. Their branches need light to survive, and as they grow taller the lower branches get less light and begin to die and fall off. These branches that fall off create the ìeyesî that you see on aspen trees.
  • Some years, the leaves seem even brighter than others; dryer weather and sunny days mean more sugars in the leaves. Too hot or too cold can both make the colors a bit dimmer.
  • Quaking†is often referred to as the visual show and the musical sound when the iconic shaped leaves shimmer in the breeze.
  • Canada has the largest concentration of aspens, but they are also quite common on the East Coast in New England and in the states around the Great Lakes. However, Colorado and Utah boast the densest populations.

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