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The mountainous area of Colorado is six times the size of Switzerland and contains 9,600 miles of fishing streams, 2,850 lakes, and over 1,000 peaks that are at least 2 miles high. Colorado contains 75% of the land area of the United States with an altitude over 10,000 feet.Frozen Dead Guys DaysEvery summer, Nederland, Colorado, hosts the world-renown Frozen Dead Guys Days. The festival pays homage to Bredo Morstoel (aka Grandpa), who is frozen in a state of suspended animation and housed in a Tuff Shed on dry ice high above Nederland ( three-day celebration usually features more than 30 live bands, along with local craft brews, numerous craft food vendors, from vegan options to BBQ. †The festival also puts on events like coffin racing, costumed polar plunging, frozen T-shirt contests, ice turkey bowling, human foosball and lots more.Unfortunately, the festival was canceled last year because of COVID-19 and this year as well, but they will be all in for 2022!Get out of the summer heatColorado is home to the world’s largest natural hot springs swimming pool (Glenwood Hot Springs in Glenwood)! Colorado is also home to the world’s deepest hot springs (The town of Pagosa Springs claims they are the world’s deepest known geothermal hot springs).

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