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El Paso County Colorado District 49

D 49 BOE June meeting wrap-up

All members of the Falcon School District 49 Board of Education were present at the June 9 regular board meeting.Before the meeting, the BOE held a ìFantastic 49î event and recognized 16 teachers from across the district as 2016 ìteachers of the year:î Dave Kranz, Falcon Middle School; Peggy Browne, FMS; Melanie Holts, Falcon Elementary School of Technology; Aaron Lentner, Meridian Ranch Elementary School; Mary Hopper, Woodmen Hills Elementary School; Amy Rogers, Vista Ridge High School; Shanna OíMeara, Skyview Middle School; Stephanie Hazelton, Odyssey Elementary School; Marvra Winner, Ridgeview Elementary School; Patsy Dowell, Stetson Elementary School; Jessica Crawford Nelson, Horizon Middle School; Nicole Sinnott, Evans International Elementary School; Angela Reid, Remington Elementary School; Amber Labandt, Springs Ranch Elementary School; Lisa Yutzy, Patriot Learning Center; and Jill Pelligrini, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence.Each recipient also submitted a nomination for Colorado Teacher of the Year to the Colorado Department of Education as part of the National Teacher of the Year program.Open forumFour parents from the district spoke in favor of the action item pertaining to the Rocky Mountain Classical Academyís charter contract, and requested that the board approve an amendment listed under the action items.Action itemsThe BOE unanimously approved the following:

  • Annual update and renewal of the Community Partnership for Child Development-Head Start contract for FES and EIES
  • The revised job description for the director of special education and the coordinating organization chart for the individualized education department
  • The instructional coach job description to provide a common district-wide job description and compensation package for employees acting in that capacity
  • Renaming the Patriot Learning Center to Patriot High School
  • The proposed High School Home School program contract at Rocky Mountain Classical Academy to permit an amendment clarifying the funding and oversight relationship between RMCA and D 49
  • Restorative practices policies regarding student conduct, the code of conduct, and the suspension/expulsion of students
  • Review of the following board policies: flag displays; student withdrawal from school/dropouts; discipline of students with disabilities; use of physical intervention and restraint; students with food or environmental allergies; and screening/testing of students
  • Adoption of a policy regarding physical activity to align with Colorado Department of Education requirements
  • The following aviation courses at Vista Ridge: integrated private pilot/instrument rating ground school; private pilot ground school; instrument rating ground school; and commercial pilot ground school
  • The site lease between D 49 and Banning Lewis Ranch Academy Building Corp. LLC, which will expedite and support the construction of the BLRA high school
  • The purchase and sale agreement between BLRA Building Corp., D 49 and Mountain Real Estate Capital Oakwood Colorado Ranch LLC for land that the district will own and lease to BLRA — the districtís first charter high school
  • The first amendment to the BLRA charter school contract regarding facilities and enrollment
Discussion itemsDave Watson, director of safety and security, presented the board with a security and safety update, which included information about the districtís Safe2Tell program and the outcome of emergency drills conducted throughout the year.Brett Ridgway, chief financial officer, presented the BOE with the proposed budget for the 2016-2017 school year for one last discussion before the June 22 special board meeting. He gave a summary view of the budget, which showed a detailed breakdown of the different budgetary areas.Ridgway also presented project recommendations for future mill levy override funds.Al Cox, the community representative to the District Accountability Advisory Committee, presented the board with information regarding the proposed budget, and said the DAAC obtained community input on where the district ìshould be putting our money.îThe BOE approved the proposed budget at a special meeting on June 22.Areashera Bartlett, member of the Sand Creek campus innovation team, presented the BOE with the revised proposal for a waiver request from SCHS that would create multiple educational pathways and shared leadership between the schoolís administration and teacher leaders. Bartlett showed the board an example of what the distributed leadership would look like and an organizational chart that clarified the chain of command.The BOE asked questions regarding the proposalís workload distribution and how it would impact Sean Dorsey, Sand Creek zone leader.Peter Hilts, chief education officer, said he would bring the board additional information on how supervision and evaluation would work under the new structure. Hilts said, while the amount of people under Dorseyís direct supervision would increase, the functions that Dorsey oversees would not increase, and he did not foresee issues with the proposal.The board approved the proposal at a special board meeting June 22.Mary Perez, director of concurrent enrollment, presented the performance report for the first year of the districtís concurrent enrollment program. She said the rate of students earning either an A, B, or C in their concurrent enrollment college classes was 92 percent in the fall and 95 percent in the spring. The spring rate is 2 percent above the Colorado state average, Perez said.ìWe are looking at about 300 concurrent enrollment students in the fall, which is about a 90 percent increase,î Perez said.Ridgway presented information on the districtís election plan for the November general election, focusing on the planís second priority ñ- renovating and refreshing all district schools. He said the goal is to take care of the facilities the district already has.Matt Meister, director of communications, said the district plans to hold informational meetings at the three largest high schools in July to help inform the community about each of the election priorities.The next regular meeting of the BOE is July 14 at 6:30 p.m. in the boardroom of the D 49 Education Services Center.

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