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“Curves” is an accurate description of Caroline Jerman’s road to ownership of one the fastest growing franchises in the United States. Jerman was born and raised in French-speaking Canada. After graduating from Montreal University in 1995 with degrees in marketing and French literature, she packed her truck and set out on a road trip to see the United States.Jerman did manage to visit 28 states before running out of money in Denver. Not wanting to return to Canada before she completed her tour of the US, she rented an apartment and began working at the Denver Athletic Club. She enjoyed living in Denver and decided to stay.Jerman’s life changed again when she met local sports broadcaster Brian Jerman. They married in 1999, moved to Colorado Springs, and welcomed daughter Fiona in November 2000. After the birth of her daughter, Jerman accepted a position in advertising for an airline industry magazine based out of Colorado Springs. “The daily commute to Denver was just too much for me,” Jerman said.Stressed out and exhausted, she heard about a new fitness center called Curves that was close to where she worked. Jerman visited the center and joined, spending her lunch hour working out three days a week. She began to notice that not only was she losing excess pregnancy weight but also her energy levels had increased and her stress levels had decreased. Jerman was so enthusiastic about the Curves program that she asked the owner if she could work there. She even offered to work free if there wasn’t a current job opening. The owner took her up on her offer. Jerman quit her advertising job and began to learn about Curves health and wellness programs.Jerman loved helping women reach their health and fitness goals through the Curves philosophy. “It works,” Jerman said. “It’s all based on common sense.” She began researching Colorado franchising opportunities for Curves, and found the only area available was in Falcon. Jerman, who lives in Monument, visited Falcon just as plans were underway to build the Safeway shopping center. She quickly purchased the Falcon territory from Curves, signed a lease with the shopping center, but had to wait a year and a half before her space was ready.Curves had its Falcon grand opening on April 28, 2003. Since then, more than 700 women have joined and embraced the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. “I am comfortable enough to say that I can help any woman lose weight and improve her health providing she is willing to make the commitment,” Jerman said.That is one of the greatest things about Curves. The commitment Jerman referred to is working out for 30 minutes, three days a week! Curves basic philosophy is “permanent results without permanent dieting,” which is accomplished by a 30-minute routine that includes resistance training, aerobics and stretching.Curves offers a minimum of eight different machines that are arranged in a circle with “aerobic recovery stations” in-between the machines. Women can do as many repetitions as they are comfortable with for 30 seconds at a time on a machine. They then move to the next recovery station to rest their muscles, while keeping their heart rate up. At the recovery station, women can jog in place, dance; whatever they want as long as they keep moving. The station movement is easy to follow, as it is accompanied by music and a voice that tells the members when to move to the next station.Does it work?Curves International, the parent company, claims to have more than two million members. Jerman boasts of several members who have lost over sixty pounds. “This is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life,” she said. “To come to work everyday and know I am making a difference in these ladies lives is so rewarding. The corporation is wonderful and very supportive, and I am so proud of what I do for a living. It’s not just weight loss – it’s watching these women gain self confidence and pride in their accomplishments.”In addition to training women on the resistance machines, Jerman offers a class on diet and nutrition. “Curves is a total fitness center,” she said. “Physical fitness is great with its own rewards, but it is only one dimension of our lives. The other three are the mind, the spirit and our relationships. To be truly healthy and happy we must attend to, and nurture all of them.”It is in that spirit that Curves is offering a six CD collection by famed motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, at no charge for those members who complete 15 workouts per month. It will take six months to earn all six CD’s. The recordings are designed specifically for Curves members and come with a unique Curves CD case.Jerman’s business is so successful that she is opening another Curves in Calhan in March. “We currently have more than 100 women who travel to Falcon from the Calhan and Simla area to the Falcon Curves,” Jerman said. She is also busy training new fitness technicians and sending others to the Curves University in Waco, Texas to attend classes on fitness and nutrition.Jerman is a strong believer in community involvement. Last December, the Falcon Curves participated in the Santa Holiday Toy Drive in conjunction with 95.1 FM and Channel 13 KRDO. Curves members contributed the “most toys I have ever witnessed,” said Eddie Avedikian, community director of Woodman Hills. “More than even Colorado Springs,” Jerman proudly said.”The ladies here are always willing to help out the community and I feel it is very important to serve the communities in which you live and work.” Jerman is also offering to match all Curves dollars earned by members for various things to the Red Cross for the Tsunami relief fund. “We will contribute to several community causes during the year,” she said.Jerman’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is relentless in her pursuit to make life better for those who come into her business to improve themselves both physically and mentally. “It’s all about balance and our sense of well being,” she said.For more information, contact Curves at 494-2000 or visit

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