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In the article, “Peyton Fire Protection District plans election,” published in the March 15 issue of The New Falcon Herald, we incorrectly stated that voters had to submit an application before they would receive a mail-in ballot.Leon Gomes, El Paso County election official, said that active voters will automatically receive a mail-in ballot.Voters are considered “active” if they voted in the last general election. If a registered voter did not vote in the last general election, the registration record is marked “inactive” but the voter is still considered a registered voter.According to Colorado statutes, inactive voters may be deemed active through the following:”(a) The elector updates the registration information with the county clerk andrecorder; or(b) The elector votes in any election conducted by a county clerk and recorder or anyelection for which the information has been provided to the clerk and recorder; or(c) The elector applies for a mail-in ballot for any election which the county clerkand recorder conducts, regardless of whether or not the ballot is returned; or(d) The elector completes, signs, and returns a confirmation card.”Active voters will be mailed a ballot between April 11 and April 21 for the May 6 election to fill all five seats on the Peyton Fire District board.If an active voter does not receive a ballot in the mail, contact Leon Gomes at 719-359-3242.Voters can drop off their ballots at the Peyton fire station on Railroad Street from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. On May 6, Election Day, voters can drop off their ballots at the fire station from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Ballots that are mailed must be received by May 6.

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