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I†pray that everyone will hear the actual words being spoken by some of these governors and mayors through the life-saving filter of FREEDOM. Constitutional freedom and human liberties keep people independent and able to provide for themselves. These freedom principles foster innovation and competition, which breed the very technologies needed to fight disease and poverty. These freedom principles literally save lives around the world.†Be very aware when you hear words like “soft enforcement” and ìWe want to inform, we want to discourage and THEN WEíLL ENFORCE AS NECESSARY.î ìThe goal is to get voluntary compliance first and THEN WEíLL STEP UP FROM THERE.î Those words were recently spoken by Denverís mayor. Did you hear those words?†How many millions of Americans have had their private businesses decimated, rights to assemble and worship and purchase certain products suspended and much more? All without a single protest. For how long?†We must absolutely fight this virus and obey health experts for a period of time. Taking limited time to separate people will slow the spread and allow time to gain controls of medical capabilities and therapies. Understood. But who decides when these suspensions are lifted? Who decides when the decimation of our economy is a greater threat than the virus? The longer the suspension of the free market and jobs, the more dependent people become on the government and the more government grows.†We must NOT destroy American Constitutional liberty in exchange for this virus. Listen carefully and be wise. Question leaders and their policies when necessary. Loss of freedom principles in this nation is a greater collateral danger to American lives and lives around the world. Soon, we must determine how to fight this virus together, with businesses open, standing strong rather than isolated and on our knees.†Please pray for President Trump. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and no matter your affiliation, he understands freedom, he is trying to save lives and he faces a challenge that none of us could imagine.Amy Lathen (Former District 2 El Paso County Commissioner ó or just plain “ol†American citizen!)

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