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El Paso County Colorado District 49

Community action group holding school board accountable

Citizens concerned about issues affecting School District 49 formed the D 49 Community Action Group in April. Their mission: to foster communication with the board of education and to provide a venue for all residents who have questions and concerns with the school district.About 60 people belong to the community action group, which is open to all who live in D 49. “We want the board to be more responsive and to solicit and consider public input,” said Lori Thompson, media liaison for the D 49 CAG.One major concern they are addressing involves restrictions to the open forum.Thompson said these restrictions appear to be an attempt to minimize the concerns of those in attendance. “It appears to us that controversial opinions are being pushed back to a later time to discourage media and public participation,” Thompson said.”Unlimited time for speakers and personal attacks are not appropriate … however the current rules seem to be structured to prevent public input. It isn’t open forum, if it is so restrictive.”The D 49 CAG is seeking more openness and accountability from the board.

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