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House District 20Democrat Jan HejtmanekJan Hejtmanek is running for a seat in the Colorado State Legislature to give people a choice. “Half of the elections (in District 20) since 1992 have been unopposed; I want to stir the pot.”A long-time resident of Colorado Springs, Hejtmanek has worked in the mortgage and real estate industry and is active in many wildlife and environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club.She said she hopes her campaign can raise awareness about environmental issues facing her district. “We have an obligation to preserve the environment for future generations,” Hejtmanek said. She called the proposed natural gas drilling on Mount Herman in Monument “criminal.””It is some of the best forest land and sits on four aquifers,” she said. “We can’t take that kind of chance.”In addition to the environment, Hejtmanek said she supports funding for higher education. She said Colorado needs to improve higher education opportunities in science and technology to keep people who want to study those fields in-state.For more information about Hejtmanek’s positions, visit Amy Stephens (incumbent)First elected to the Colorado Legislature in 2006, Amy Stephens served on the business and labor and judiciary committees. She said the Colorado economy is her top priority.”Small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” Stephens said. “Ninety percent of folks have small businesses and all they’ve seen is regulations and fees – which are really just taxes.”She said House District 20 is the fastest growing conservative district in the state, and she plans to reflect the values of the voters in the area. She said she supports Amendment 52, which would fund highway projects through a portion of the state severance taxes.”We need to give roads their fair share and move our infrastructure along,” Stephens said.Her planned legislative initiatives for the 2009 session take on the unions and a bill creating tighter guidelines for prosecuting cyber-bullying.Stephens’ Web site is www.amystephens4hd20.comHouse District 19Democrat Jimmy PhillipsPhillips said he entered the race for House District 19 over the proposed Prairie Falcon toll road. He said at the legislative hearings for House Bill 1007, 100 people attended to show their opposition to the proposed super-slab. Despite their efforts and minimal lobbying, the bill still passed, he said.”I want to give the state back to the people, make sure they have a voice, not just the people with the deepest pockets,” Phillips said.If elected, he said he would propose changing unemployment benefits to include prescription assistance and also work to improve education funding to rural areas. “Kids shouldn’t be penalized for where their parents choose to live,” Phillips said.For more information, visit www.jimmyphillipscolorado.comRepublican Marsha Looper (incumbent)Elected in 2006 to a two-year term, Marsha Looper is running for re-election to the Colorado General Assembly. During her first term, Looper served on the House Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee, the Local Government Committee and the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.Looper said her top priorities are water issues, the economy and public safety.She plans to run several water bills to aid in water conservation. One bill would allow private property owners to collect and store rainwater and snowmelt in cisterns. Another would allow developers to use gray water for irrigation purposes.Clipper, a wind farm company, has studied wind patterns in Calhan and is considering constructing a facility in the region. Looper is enthusiastic about the prospective jobs in construction and later for site maintenance. “This is a good thing for Calhan,” she said.Looper said she also will run a homicide bill to change the statute of limitations, which is currently three years, one of the lowest in the country. She said a change would increase safety.Her Web site is www.gomarsha.orgHouse District 15Republican Mark WallerMark Waller said legislating is a team sport. If elected, he would work with other Republicans to further Republican goals in the State Legislature. “It’s not about me going there raising heck, we have to work together.”Waller said local jobs and the economy would be a priority. “We need to work to make it easier for small business to operate,” he said. Waller also said he would support tax rebates for health insurance, promote health care savings accounts and economic incentive packages for larger businesses to relocate to Colorado.As energy prices are at record highs, Waller said he would support drilling for natural gas. “We need to be stewards of the environment, but drilling would provide jobs, keep people working and help alleviate the high price of energy,” he said.He also supports choice in education and would fight for parental rights to educate their children – be it at home, private schools, charter schools or traditional public schools.His Web site is www.markwallerforhd15.orgDemocrat Michelle MaksimowiczMichelle Maksimowicz described herself as a pro-life Democrat with a strong background in education. She said she has 30 years experience in education as a teacher and administrator.”I want to be a voice for the people and return dignity to this district,” Maksimowicz said.Over the next three to five years, Maksmowicz said the Legislature will implement the Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids, which calls for a redesign of Colorado’s education system, from pre-school to college.Maksimowicz said the plan reshapes educational thinking to include a road map for students from pre-school through graduate studies. She said her expertise would be valuable in the process.She also is concerned about the economy. “We need to improve our way of attracting and retaining business that come to Colorado Springs,” she said. As the area grows, Maksimowicz said she would hold developers accountable for their responsibility to finance infrastructure, water rights and schools.Her Web site is

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