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Building and real estate update

The O’Neil Group property

The El Paso County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a request by The OíNeil Group to rezone 67.14 acres from planned unit development to commercial service. The property is located west of the intersection of Highway 24 and Stapleton Road, and encompasses land on the north and south side of Stapleton Road. The intent is to develop the land directly adjacent to the eastern drainage way with mini-warehouses, boat and recreational vehicle storage, and outdoor storage.

Waterbury subdivision

The county commissioners unanimously approved a request by 4-Way Ranch Joint Venture LLC to rezone 61.86 acres from an approved PUD to a new PUD, and the subsequent preliminary plan for 198 single-family residential lots, and 11 tracts. The original PUD included an alley loaded residential configuration, which the new plan proposes to replace with a traditional lot layout. The new PUD also includes modifications to the original PUDís road layout. The property is located at the northwest corner of the Stapleton Road and Highway 24 intersection.

Retreat at Timber Ridge subdivision

The BOCC unanimously approved the acceptance of the Retreat at Timber Ridge Filing No. 1 subdivision into the EPC road maintenance system. All improvements have been completed and inspected.

Sterling Ranch subdivisionThe commissioners unanimously approved the acceptance of Dines Boulevard in the Sterling Ranch Filing No. 1 subdivision into the EPC road maintenance system, to allow access for maintenance crews to reach the accepted subdivisions within Sterling Ranch, including Branding Iron and Homestead. Dines Boulevard will stay in defect warranty until the rest of the filing receives final acceptance from the BOCC.

Winsome Metropolitan Districts 1-4

The BOCC unanimously approved an amended resolution for approval of the service plan for Winsome Metropolitan Districts 1-4 to correct errors in the original resolution, which was approved in 2019. The amendments in the resolution are as follows: 1) In the last Whereas clause, the district name is inserted in place of ìClick here to insert text.î 2) In the 1st Condition of Approval, the maximum mill levies are made subject to the Gallagher Adjustment as provided for in the text of the approved service plan. 3) In the 4th Condition of Approval, the word ìamendedî is deleted before the second use of “Service Plan.”

Meridian Road/Falcon Park and Ride projectThe commissioners unanimously approved an amendment and change order for HDR Engineering to provide professional services to complete the final design, finalize utility and the city of Colorado Springs coordination, and provide engineering services for Americans with Disabilities Act and stormwater improvements along the Old Meridian Road corridor after the completion of the Falcon Park and Ride project. HDRís services for this project will cost the county no more than $32,765.

Pitman Living Trust property

The BOCC unanimously approved a request by Pitman Living Trust to rezone 37.86 acres from agricultural-35 to residential rural-5. Located about 0.25 miles southwest of the Walker Road and North Meridian Road intersection, the property will be developed into three lots and one open space tract.

Eagleview Estates subdivision

The commissioners unanimously approved a request by PT Eagleview LLC for reconsideration of the Eagleview Preliminary Plan to create 38 single-family residential lots. The original preliminary plan was approved by the BOCC in 2008, and the final plats for the property were required to be recorded within one year from the date of the approval. The reconsideration will allow the developer up to two years from the date of the reconsideration to obtain the first final plat approval. The 113.34-acre property is zoned residential rural-2.5 and is located on Arroya Lane, about 1.5 miles west of Meridian Road.

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