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Bent Grass considering water supply options

As plans for the first commercial and residential phases of construction on the Bent Grass subdivision move forward, the Bent Grass Metropolitan District Board of Directors is facing a water supply issue. Randle Case, BGMD board president and president of The Case Co., said the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District contracted with Bent Grass to supply water and wastewater services.The Bent Grass district was never intended as a water or utility business, which is the reason they need to purchase water elsewhere, Case said. Instead, Bent Grass will focus on making regional improvements to roads and drainage systems, among other things, he said.The Woodmen Hills district has enough water to start off phase 1 of the commercial and residential portions of the subdivision, Case said. To complete future phases, based on engineering calculations, supplemental water will be needed, he said.ìA couple years ago in 2013, we started looking for a supplemental water supply,î Case said. ìOne of the resources for that is either paying Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District additional money for water it may own, or go to other people in the area that have water. In this case, Cherokee (Metropolitan District) came to mind because they have a good supply of water they recently linked up.îSean Chambers, CMD general manager, said the district has been communicating with Bent Grass but no agreement has been reached and no contract has been signed. ìWeíve been asked to review terms that could be used to construct an agreement,î Chambers said. ìOur board thinks that we are interested.îHowever, Chambers said he has no indication the agreement will happen, adding that there is still plenty of work to be done if an arrangement is going to come to fruition.

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