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When the Falcon High School Boys Basketball team hits the hardwood, they know they can count on Aaron Cain. With the win over Fountain Fort Carson (65 ñ 45), team captain Aaron Cain poured in 11 baskets, well under his season average of 19.8 points per game. For the first time this season, Falcon High School is at a 500 record six wins and six losses.”So far we are having a pretty good season. The team is playing well and with a few more wins who knows what can happen,” Cain said.Aaron Cain has been playing basketball for eight years. He has been a varsity starter for Falcon for the past three years. “I have accomplished many goals here at Falcon, this year my biggest goal becoming team captain. I bring plenty of team leadership and an all-around consistent game,” he said.Aaron is a HUGE fan of the super star point guard, Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns.Cain said, “His ability to make other players around him better is what I like. This is the type of play I hope to bring to my team. Steve Nash is also as clutch as they come. He is the one you want with the ball at the end of the game.”Aaron would like to play college basketball at the University of Wyoming or Colorado State University. His favorite subject is math, pre-calc, to be exact, and he carries a 3.2 grade point average. He would like to study sports medicine and become an athletic trainer. Aaron Cain thanks his parents and girlfriend, Heather, for their support.

Aaron Cain’s Stats
Games Played12
Points Per Game19.8
Free Throw %72.7
The 6th Man (The Fan)When to cheer and when not to cheer: I believe in the sixth man home-team advantage. You have got to get loud and let the home team know you are behind them. At the same time, be loud and let the opponent know you are there to rattle their cage. Does this make me a bad guy? Do we as fans really need to bang and scream when the opponent team is at the free throw line, or jump and holler when our team is up by one and the other team has the ball with seconds left to play. I say “YES.” As a coach and former player, I love the crowd. I would play along with the crowd at the home games. Yet, there is nothing like hitting a three-pointer to quiet the crowd at an away game. I would suggest that, if at anytime my readers get a chance to see a college game, Air Force Academy would be an awesome place to go. You will see that a home-team crowd can carry a team to a FANtastic win. So I say, get loud and have fun.Know the lighter side. Be a good fan. Donít taunt or scream or use vulgar gestures. No need to throw things from the stands. Remember the players want to win and please the fans. There can be only one winner. Perhaps we could all be winners, if we cheer for the pure LOVE of the Game.Falcon Boys Basketball
02/03/20067:00PMat SAND CREEK*
02/09/20067:00PMat CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN*
02/11/20067:00PMat PINE CREEK*
02/14/20067:00PMWOODLAND PARK*
02/18/20067:00PMat HARRISON*
* Conference GameFalcon Girls Schedule
02/03/20067:00PMSAND CREEK*
02/07/20067:00PMat WIDEFIELD*
02/11/20067:00PMPINE CREEK*
02/14/20067:00PMat WOODLAND PARK*
* Conference Game

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