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Aiming for precision

Editorís note: We are shaking it up a bit, and making Face to Face a question and answer forum, with a short introduction.Although he is an Illinois native, Nate Andres can almost claim to be a native of Colorado, too, since he has lived in the Pikes Peak region since he was 2 years old. His family originally moved to Peyton from the Midwest, and later settled in Black Forest.Andres attended Falcon High School before dropping out in his junior year; however, he received a GED in 2000. He has worked several trades, including welding, tiling, construction and ironworks.In 2004, Andres, while working on the construction site of a new Walmart in Centennial, Colorado, fell 30 feet to the ground. He hit a beam as he fell, and broke six vertebrate in his back, along with multiple ribs. Andres also fractured his arm and bruised all of his internal organs. He spent the next two years recuperating, which included physical therapy. When he was able to return to a job in construction, his back could not take the labor intensive work. He said he tried various lines of work, from computers to truck driving, but nothing seemed to be the right fit. In 2013, Andres enrolled in the Colorado School of Trades in Lakewood, Colorado, and received an associateís degree in gunsmithing. He moved to Oregon to work in a gun shop to gain hands-on experience; and, a year later, returned to Colorado Springs and began working at Colorado Springs Gun and Ammo. He still works at the gun and ammo shop as the expert gunsmith and a part-time salesman. Andres will be heading to Falcon as one of the managers of the gun shopís second location. Colorado Springs Gun and Ammo East is scheduled to open in November. In 2015, Andres opened his own gunsmith shop in Black Forest. He said most of his customers come in to have firearms repaired; others want to have their guns modified, rebuilt or built from scratch. The work is intricate, but Andres said he enjoys the mechanics involved, especially taking things apart. He said he once bought a $1,500 pistol so he could take it apart and see how it worked.Andresí business name draws from family history. His grandfather owned Circle A Ranching, while his father owned and operated Circle A Welding. In keeping with tradition, Andres named his gunsmith shop Circle A Precision.The NFH asked Andres a few questions related to his life and interests.NFH: If you were just starting out in life, would you stick with the same career path or would you change it; and, if so, what profession would you pursue?Andres: I would pick the same one. I get paid to work on guns. It took me a while to finally figure out what I want to do.NFH: What is your greatest achievement? How has it shaped you? Andres: Starting my own business; it has made me more determined and has given me a sense of self accomplishment. I have invested too much to give up now.NFH: Who is your personal hero?Andres: My grandmother. I could talk with her for hours. She was a fountain of knowledge. She once read all the books in the library (in Illinois). She started at A and went to Z and then started all over again because by then they had new books.NFH: What do you like about Falcon?Andres: I like the country and small-town feel of Falcon. People still wave to each other here. It still has ranches, rodeos, 4-H ó things you canít get in the big city. It is just a comfy place.NFH: If you could change one law, what would it be?Andres: First, I absolutely agree that there should be background checks before purchasing a gun. But I would like to get rid of the NFA (National Firearms Act) and all the red tape that prohibits people from buying a full automated gun or silencer. The only thing gun laws do is they prevent good, law-abiding citizens from purchasing guns. I doubt the person robbing the liquor store would bother to get a background check before buying a gun.NFH: What are some of your hobbies?Andres: Reading. I like reading fantasy books ñ- ìGame of Thronesî or ìSword of Truthî by Terry Goodkind. Shooting. We have our own outdoor range (on their property). Elk and small game hunting, fishing, camping, anything outdoors. And video games ñ- ìCall of Dutyî and ìHalo.îNFH: If you could time travel, which time period would you visit?Andres: The 1920s or 30s. It was the industrial era, and they just dressed in style. I just love the style of clothing and the mannerisms. Iím an old soul, and I just loved hearing my grandmother talk about it.NFH: If you were throwing a dinner party, what three famous people would you invite?Andres: J.R. Tolken, John Browning and Jim Bridger.

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