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This photo is a view of the Black Forest Festival area, northwest of the community center. It shows attendees enjoying the nice day and visiting the many vendors. The view of the festival from the standpoint of the AARP Chapter 1100 booth, one of the white tents at the left of the photograph, was a large success. Many attendees took literature, and others gave generous donations for the cookies, house plants, chilled water, frozen pops and other items that were made available to the attendees. The money raised will be given to a charity in the local area. Two chapter members also contributed their day to support the festival activities. Lavonne Hidy demonstrated the art of wool rug braiding, and Ray Rozak provided hay rides all day to festival attendees.A special thanks to the Chapter 1100 members and friends who set up the AARP booth canopy and worked many hours staffing the booth. Thanks also to others who contributed the many items provided for the festival attendees. All contributed to the success of the effort!AARP Chapter 1100 meets monthly at the Black Forest Lutheran Church in Black Forest. Call Candace at 314-330-0411 for details. Our motto is ìTo Serve Not to be Served.î All ages are welcome.

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