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El Paso County Colorado District 49

A new school year

As we approach the opening of the 2007-08 school year, I wanted to share with you some of the projects we have been working on over the summer to provide the community’s children a very successful school year.We have hired over 158 new licensed staff in the district. As we continue to grow, we have been aggressive in our recruiting to hire the most highly qualified staff that will provide excellence for every student. I know you will be impressed with the skills and commitment that all our staff has for students.The Board of Education approved the implementation of a new K-12 science curriculum. The new program features a literacy and writing component, in addition to hands-on science concepts and flexibility for teachers to differentiate the instruction for students. We will review K-12 mathematics curriculum and elementary language arts this year and make recommendations to the board in early spring for new curriculum materials.We have added additional course offerings at the secondary level. We have added additional preschool programs at Evans and Falcon elementary schools and will be opening New Falcon High School after the fall break. We will have a community open house at New Falcon High School so everyone will have the opportunity to see the return on their investment for future generations of students. Watch for the announcement and join us!After we have moved the current Falcon Middle School students into old Falcon High School, we will renovate the middle school. We are in the planning stages of developing a community education center that can house an alternative school, night school, meeting rooms for the community and offer services through the Pikes Peak Library District, along with Pikes Peak Community College.In addition to all of these projects, we also have the construction of high school No. 3 well under way, and it will open in August 2008. We very much appreciate the generosity and support of the community for our students and want you to know how grateful we are for that support.Very shortly, you will be able to access a new Web site link that will provide monthly updates on the progress of construction projects across the district. We conduct weekly tours of New Falcon High School at 3:30 pm on Tuesday afternoons. Please contact Celina at 494-2993 to sign up for a tour.With the water damage and/or mold being found in some of our buildings, we want to assure our parents, staff and community that we have taken the necessary steps to have expert advice and work crews in each of these buildings to repair the damage. We have had the buildings inspected and air quality samples taken and sent off to an independent lab to verify results before reopening any of the buildings. All buildings and classrooms have had deep cleaning after the repairs were made. All buildings must have a “clean” rating before we will reopen them to staff and students.We know our teachers have not had as much time to prepare their classrooms as well as they would like for the opening of the school year, but they are all excited and looking forward to seeing students. If you have the opportunity, please let all of our staff – teachers, principals, custodians and secretaries know how much you appreciate their willingness to work the extra hours to get things ready for the students.I want you to know that we have a vision in District 49 to provide the children of our community with a world class education. It is the type of education that will provide each of them unlimited opportunities for which they will be thankful their entire lives. We are determined to make a difference for every student in District 49. We want them to be proud of the organization that educated them. We also want them to be successful, contributing adults that will give back to the community that educated them.I am honored to be here as your superintendent and appreciate very much the support you have shown me. Please let our staff know the successes they have provided for your children and let me know how we can improve to better meet your needs. Together, we can resolve any challenge. Thank you for the opportunity to be here.

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