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El Paso County Colorado District 49

A letter to the community from Joe Cole

My last day in Falcon School District 49 as the community relations coordinator was June 30, 2006. I accepted the position of news director and anchor for Fox 21 News in Colorado Springs. Since my job in D 49 centered on communication and delivering clear and concise messages relating to D 49, I will apply the same principle in giving my reasons for leaving.I was offered a tremendous opportunity to manage a newscast, and, considering the nature of the position and the stability it will bring to my family and me, I could not pass it up. The decision to leave was very difficult. I want to make it crystal clear that my leaving had nothing to do with Dr. Steve Hull. His dedication, hard work, and integrity are qualities I can only hope to emulate as my career continues. He is by far the best supervisor I ever worked for. I admire him beyond words. His communication style, vision and dedication to education have done nothing but promote the well being of the district.Here, in a culture that has traditionally fed off resistance to change and often revolves around the words “that’s not the way we’ve done things in the past,” Dr. Hull remained focused on moving the district forward and implementing much needed change. Advancement and change, in my opinion, is the only option for D 49. There are over 14,000 school districts in the U.S. and when it comes to size, Falcon School District is in the top 500. It’s time to stop thinking like a small school district. It’s time to let personal agendas go, focus on teamwork and make this district great. In the book “Good to Great,” author Jim Collins refers to companies that move from good to great and how they not only get people on the bus, but they get the “right” people on the bus, a bus I wholeheartedly believe Dr. Hull should have been driving that bus.I’d like to thank Dr. Hull, the administration, staff, parents and community for everything you’ve done for me during my time at D 49. Please contact me in the future if I can ever be of service in my new position.

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