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A heartwarming story

Posted on Facebook by Patricia (some of this is paraphrased)

I have been working at the Falcon Walmart for years and have always enjoyed the customers. Today, I got to witness what I had only read about before. I have just started training for cashier. Two men in their early 20s came through my line. One bought a roll of duct tape and a few other small very practical items. The other young man had a bouquet of flowers. So I teased them both that one of them was very practical and the other was romantic. This all gets even better when the man with flowers said, “These are for my mom.” I was showing the young man how to trim the flowers when he looked at me and said he wanted to pay for the next customer’s purchases, which were two large cans of protein powder and a variety of healthy workout kinds of things. It was going to be expensive and I suggested he pay for just part of it. He said he wanted to  pay for all of it. It came to $83. From what I gathered, these young men work at a local carwash. We rang up the purchases … the customer in line was stunned and grateful. I make polymer clay feathers. I had one on a necklace and gave it to the young man with the flowers. I thanked him for making my heart happy. The man with the protein powder was still beaming and overwhelmed by the surprise. He insisted on paying for the customer behind him. Kindness is contagious and it is true what they say that just witnessing a kind act can fill your heart with joy.

The young man with the flowers was Josh.

I was hesitant to give Josh the clay feather I made — fear that it would be silly. Anne ( his mom ) figured out her son was the one who got this vibe going and she posted on Facebook. She messaged that Josh showed her the feather when he got home.

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