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A big thank you

True charity is alive.We had recently fallen on hard times ó not hard times so much as the hiccups that sometimes come through one’s life. In this instance, we needed a box of food from a pantry that works with local families. Due to a misunderstanding that occurred over a year ago, we were denied.The refusal prompted my wife to seek help, namely through the Tom Martino Troubleshooter Show. And help he did! Mr. Martino gave our story the 10 minutes of airplay that would prove to change our immediate future. Randy Locker heard my wife on the air. He went to his wife, Bonnie Hertel, and told her of our plight. Bonnie reached out to friends and neighbors in Falcon and Peyton through the ìNextdoorî app and told them what her husband had heard on the radio. Bonnieís network of people pulled together and they gave and gave. Soon we had more food than we knew what to do with, along with clothing, appliances, furniture and other items we were sorely lacking. Goodwill continued pouring in for more than a week. We are extremely grateful to the other anonymous heroes who chose to dig in and help a family of strangers.This is the America we cherish. And I’m proud to say that Falcon and Peyton are the standard models of the America we call home. My family and I are now doing well, better than before because of a few angels, a radio host and program and a Nextdoor app that changes lives. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude.Thank you all so much!†Sincerely and with love,The Bill and Jennifer Dawn Tressler Family

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