Volume No. 18 Issue No. 6 June 2021  

  Safety tip - Firefighter has a passion for community

     The June fire safety tip comes from firefighter/paramedic Cody Andersen. He spent eight years with Black Forest Fire Rescue before spending the last 18 months with Falcon Fire Protection District.
   Andersen moved over to the FFPD because he grew up in Falcon, and he said there were more opportunities for advancement. He said he became a firefighter because of a passion for serving his community. Being a firefighter is a rewarding and enjoyable way of giving back to the community, Andersen said. And that sense of helping the community is what he likes most about firefighting. Plus, he said he gets to hang out with his friends while he is on duty.
   June Fire Safety Tip: Cody Andersen advises homeowners to keep fire extinguishers easily accessible in the two places in the home where fires are most likely, the kitchen and the garage. If possible, Andersen advises having a third fire extinguisher near the laundry room. Homeowners should make sure the fire extinguishers are fully charged and family members know how to use them.
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Cody Andersen came over to the FFPD from Black Forest Fire Rescue. Photo by Pete Gawda
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