Volume No. 18 Issue No. 6 June 2021  

Michelle Barrette
  By Michelle Barrette

     Father’s Day is June 20, and I have so many good memories of John, my husband, and our three daughters. There were many tea parties that John attended. One of the most memorable was “Academy Awards” night. We invited friends, we laid out the red carpet, everyone dressed up and John wore his tuxedo. It was so much fun, and John played his part very well. I have really enjoyed over the years watching John interact with our daughters. Dads are special to their girls, and they are the first impression of what a man is all about. How important is that?
   Girls have pretty much ruled our family for a few decades: three daughters and now four granddaughters. We have another on the way — will it be that first boy in a household of females?
   Our two oldest daughters were recently visiting from out of town. It’s so nice to be able to interact with my granddaughters in person again after COVID. I watched as all four of the granddaughters — my oldest daughter has two and my middle daughter has two — played together, and for the most part they shared all their toys. They are getting older and becoming more independent, even though they are pre-schoolers. Each one has a unique personality — I am so grateful everyone is healthy and happy.
   My youngest daughter is a vice-principal in the Lewis Palmer School District. About a year ago, she bought a townhouse near her school and fairly close to us. Although it’s furnished and decorated and move-in ready, she hasn’t really stayed there. She hasn’t really left our home. When her sisters are here, she doesn’t want to miss anything so she stays with us. But she stays with us anyway because she likes the company. I love it that this daughter, who is smart, ambitious and engaging, likes hanging out with mom and dad. Someday, she will go on her way but for now we are happy that we’re not yet empty nesters, even though she does have her own nest!
   In this month’s issue, Pete Gawda provides updates on development — it’s getting tougher to keep up with it all. Ava Stoller did a great job on the history of military anniversaries in June. Leslie Sheley talks with the pastor of Grace Community Church, and of course we have our columnists, Mark and Bill, who always entertain with ideas and experiences. Cailean Anderson has highlighted a highly energetic teacher from D 49. Congratulations again to all of the graduates — and the parents.
   Enjoy the beginning of summer, and Happy Father’s Day to my husband, my dad, and all the dads out there!
   See you in July!
   - Michelle
   Last month, in the Cold War relic story, we left out some names that needed to be included. Please see the following statement.
   Bob Sayers, retired communications engineer, maintained the sirens in the early ‘70s. He said he and David Givan and Earnie Smith worked for the Colorado Springs Radio Communications department, contracted with the El Paso County Civil Defense. He said there were 33 sirens altogether in the county and remembers the pole in Black Forest originally being wood and not metal. 
   Another correction
   In the business brief in the May issue, we misspelled the name of the owner of Sweet Feet Podiatry. The correct spelling is Crislip — Timothy Crislip. Please accept our apology.
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