Volume No. 18 Issue No. 4 April 2021  

  UFO sighting
  By Bill Tressler of Ramah

     It was unidentified. It was flying (at least floating). And it was definitely an object. Those three criteria meet the definition of a UFO, so what my wife and I filmed over the beautiful hamlet of Falcon was a bonafide UFO.
   Not only did we see it and film it on March 6, my wife posted it on YouTube. The footage, which runs about three-and-a-half minutes total, shows the shaky, sometimes steady, image of a singular seemingly metallic object hovering motionless over the Falcon sky. It was our first day-time sighting. (We have seen a bevy of strange nocturnal lights over our farm in Ramah throughout the years there). This recent footage is laced with nervous humorous conversations and a few choice expletives (our apologies). What can't be disputed is how weird the object is.
   It doesn’t appear to have been a conventional aircraft, a drone, a hot air or mylar balloon, nor some wayward piece of random floating debris. For all intentions, what we filmed was a UFO. Although, that is not to say it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft. But it was definitely weird. What's weirder still is how the posted footage took off and gained a life of its own. As of now, our three-and-a-half minute clip has been featured on the YouTube UFO site Mavi777, as well as a Mexican-based UFO channel, Ovnis Actualis — that live-streamed footage appeared March 7. Plus, there has already been other requests for permission to use our footage on a variety of YouTube channels, including another one based in Mexico.
   In closing, I say, keep your eyes to the sky, and your minds open. You'll never know just what you might see — or film.
This UFO hovered over the Falcon sky on March 7. Photos by William and Jennifer Tressler
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