Volume No. 18 Issue No. 4 April 2021  

  Connected Healing joins the CBD business

     Connected Healing has been in business with a focus on a holistic approach to medical healing, and now the owner has incorporated the use of CBD (Cannabidiol) products.
   Alex Hamilton, the owner, and his fiancé, Marcee Ruth, said their main goal with this new business venture is to provide customers with information on the CBD industry. Hamilton believes what makes his business unique compared to his competition is about his approach.
   While most CBD companies manufacture their products in bulk and sell it as a generalized product, Hamilton and his fiancé are offering a tailored experience based on the needs of the customer — products suited specifically to each person.
   Through constant rigorous testing, Hamilton is creating what his customers need.
   “This is a small business that COVID has hit, and he is trying to help people,” Ruth said. And she said there is potential for growth and more employees, once they have established themselves and have recovered from the effects of the pandemic. “I am no different in the way that you could walk in and probably get something you could buy at a normal store or you can get something that is different to try, and see if you like one better,” Hamilton said.
   Hamilton and Ruth are originally from Steamboat Springs. They were attracted to this particular area of Colorado because they felt their business could gain momentum in Colorado Springs and Black Forest. Prior to their move, Hamilton spent time in Denver, where he learned multiple facets of CBD and various herbs and other holistic sources that could be beneficial to one’s health.
   Outside of the workplace, Hamilton likes to dine out with Ruth, play video games and basketball. He also researches the stock market. But mostly for now, he said his primary focus is the CBD business, and making it a quality experience for his customers.
Alex Hamilton and Marcee Ruth are now offering CBD products as part of their Connected Healing business.
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