Volume No. 18 Issue No. 4 April 2021  

  Watering in Colorado

     Jim Nikkel, general manager of Meridian Service Metropolitan District, said Meridian Ranch does not use surface water like the city of Colorado Springs. Meridianís water comes from the Denver basin aquifer, Nikkel said. The draught, therefore, does not affect the well. He said they encourage residents to be water-wise ó any usage of water affects the aquifer because it doesnít replenish itself.
   He said people get excited about spring, but don't turn on sprinklers until mid to late May; the grass will develop a better root system by stressing the roots a little right now. They encourage residents to irrigate at night or early in the morning. "Temperatures get high fast here and in Falcon, we get a lot of wind; if you're watering your lawn and plants in the middle of the day, the water will just evaporate," Nikkel said. They are constantly educating people who move here from other areas of the country about how watering is different in Colorado. He said in other states, watering grass at night could result in a fungus or mold. Also, because the soil is tight in the area, Nikkel said they recommend watering in multiple short intervals of about five minutes; otherwise, it just runs off.†
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