Volume No. 18 Issue No. 4 April 2021  

  Mother Nature’s April Fools’ Animals

It’s not a giraffe! The gerenuk is of the gazelle family and is a longnecked antelope found in Africa!
Whaaat? The star-nosed mole has a nose made up of 22 fleshy and mobile appendages surrounding the nostrils. They live underwater as well.
Aptly named: the Goblin shark lives at depths greater than 330 ft. so you probably won’t run into one!
The Irrawaddy dolphin resembles the beluga whale but is closely related to the killer whale. These guys live in estuaries and rivers in Southeast Asia.
No garlic butter here: this is the Yeti crab, covered in lots of hair, which makes it unfit for consumption. It lives in the hot ocean vents near Antarctica.
The Naked Mole Rat is also known in its habitat in East Africa as the sand puppy. Does anyone see a puppy?
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