Volume No. 17 Issue No. 8 August 2020  

  Things people say (that donít make sense)

     My bad
   Sounds juvenile and itís old hat now
   Given free reign (rein)
   "Reign" is something that kings, queens, and other sovereigns do. Yet the correct idiom refers to the reins that control a horse. When you give a horse "free rein" you let it go where it wants to go.
   Boldface lie (bald-face)
   "Bald-face" means shameless or showing no guilt. When a person tells a bald-faced lie, they are openly lying. An acceptable variant of this phrase is a "barefaced lie.Ē
   Tow the line (toe)
   To "toe the line" means to follow the rules. It comes from runners who put their toe to the line before running a race.
   Shoe-in (shoo-in)
   "Shoo-in" is what you really want to write when you're trying to say that someone is a sure winner. When you shoo something you are trying to urge something in a certain direction.
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