Volume No. 16 Issue No. 11 November 2019  

  AARP Black Forest - State awards dinner recognitions
  Submitted by Stanley Beckner

     The biannual AARP State Awards dinner was held at the Field House Restaurant in Denver on Oct. 15. Fifteen Black Forest AARP Chapter members attended the awards recognition dinner. During the event and ceremonies, chapters and their members from throughout Colorado were recognized for their exceptional activities during 2018 and 2019.   
   For the 11th consecutive year, the Black Forest AARP Chapter 1100 was designated the Platinum AARP Chapter and awarded the Chapter Cup as the most outstanding AARP Chapter in Colorado for community service. The chapter received the award for numerous community service projects such as the annual free shredding events, blood drives, hosting the monthly senior social gatherings, participating in local public expositions, maintaining a presence at the annual Black Forest Festival; and making significant donations to veteran and community charities. The award was accompanied by a $300 grant to the chapter.
   In addition to the Chapter Cup, three Black Forest AARP Chapter 1100 members were individually recognized for their exceptional service.
   Jim and Lori Belk received the AARP Community Service Award for the sustained support they have given to Chapter 1100 and the subsequent positive effect they have had on the community in general. Specifically, Jim Belk excelled as the person in charge of the 2019 free shredding event that the chapter undertook in partnership with ElderWatch Colorado. Jim, a Chapter 1100 board member, supervised the project and ensured that every aspect of the planning was appropriately accomplished, resulting in the total success of the event. 
   Lori Belk is very active in chapter activities. She has served, in a superior manner, on the Chapter 1100 Community Services Committee for three years. In addition, she has been the chapter luncheon and catering coordinator the past two years. This responsibility includes coordinating and ordering two annual catered meals for the chapter and supervising the luncheon activities for each of the other chapter meetings during the year. She was also active in the planning and supervising of other chapter activities.
   The AARP Colorado Program/Strategic Award for 2019 was presented to Stephen Blucher. Stephen was recognized for his 22 consecutive years of service as an instructor in the AARP Driver Safety program and his steady, consistent volunteer service with AARP. Stephen has been a member of Chapter 1100 in Colorado Springs since 2014. During this time, he has been a steadfast and reliable member on numerous occasions. He was cited for his exceptional record of achievement, service and commitment and providing the extraordinary example of the difference that volunteerism can make in the lives of individuals and in the well-being and vitality of a community. Stephen has recently been appointed one of the two AARP Western Region delegates to the Chapter Activities Team at AARP headquarters in Washington, D.C.
   AARP Colorado took great pride in congratulating The New Falcon Herald newspaper and its editor, Marylou Doehrman Bride, for the publicity, support and visibility given to AARP and the Black Forest Chapter 1100 through The New Falcon Herald. The New Falcon Herald has published more than 20 press releases from AARP Chapter 1100 over the past two years. Items published include pre-event and public service announcements as well as post-event news releases consisting of reports, articles and photos. The publicity, support and visibility given Chapter 1100 by The New Falcon Herald has increased the interest in AARP and Chapter 1100 activities throughout the central Colorado community. The Business Award was accepted by The New Falcon Herald publisher, Michelle Barrette.
   Chapter 1100 President Ray Rozak invites anyone interested in joining Chapter 1100 and participating in community service projects to the meetings, including anyone who just wants to visit the chapter meeting and find out more about the group. Contact Ray at 719-495-6767 for details. The Chapter 1100 motto is “To Serve, not to be Served.”
Chapter 1100 award winners included (left to right) Jim and Lori Belk, Community Service Award; Chapter 1100 President Ray Rozak with Chapter Cup; Stephen Blucher, Program Strategic Award.
Michelle Barrette (left) publisher and owner of The New Falcon Herald, accepted the AARP Business Ward for Marylou Doehrman Bride, editor of The New Falcon Herald, from Kelli Fritts, AARP Colorado Associate Editor, Advocacy.
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