Volume No. 16 Issue No. 11 November 2019  

  Building and real estate update
  By Lindsey Harrison

     Hadden Heights
   The El Paso County Planning Commission unanimously approved a request by Jose and Mary Contreras to vacate and replat Lot 18 of Hadden Heights Subdivision to legalize the division of the lot into two single-family residential lots. The 5.1-acre property is zoned residential rural-5 and is located north of Eggar Drive, about 0.5 miles west of Meridian Road.
   Quarter Circle/Three Quarter Circle Lazy J property
   The Planning Commission unanimously approved a request by the Quarter Circle Lazy J and the Three Quarter Circle Lazy J Trusts for a variance of use for a second dwelling on a 10-acre property, zoned RR-5 and located on the south side of Crosslen Lane, about 0.25 miles east of the intersection of Crosslen Land and Howells Road.
   McLaughlin Road/Old Meridian Road Improvement Project
   The EPC Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a memorandum of agreement and a temporary construction easement from property owned by LaRon and Renee Bartlett for $820 for the McLaughlin Road/Old Meridian Road Improvement Project.
   The commissioners also unanimously approved a memorandum of agreement, special warranty deeds, a non-exclusive permanent easement and a temporary construct easement from property owned by Bare Enterprises Ltd. for $64,000 for this project.
   The BOCC also unanimously approved a memorandum of agreement, a special warranty deed, a non-exclusive permanent easement and a temporary construction easement from property owned by Cygnet Land LLC, and they accepted a real property donation from the corporation for this project.
   Fox Run Regional Trail
   The commissioners unanimously approved a resolution to ratify the submittal of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife non-motorized trails planning grant application for Fox Run Regional Trail to provide residents and visitors with a safe, accessible non-motorized route to residential, recreational and commercial areas from Baptist Road to Fox Run Regional Park. The project budget includes the requested CPW planning grant amount of $30,000, EPC funds of $20,000 from regional park fees and a $2,967 in-kind match of staff time for a total budget of $52,967.
   Calhan Highway Bridge Replacement Project
   The BOCC unanimously approved a purchase order to Alfred Benesch & Company for design services for the Calhan Highway Bridge Replacement Project for $239,595. The project will consist of replacing the existing two-lane bridge with improved infrastructure design, including drainage, transitions, shoulders and a guardrail.
   Abert Ranch
   The commissioners unanimously approved a request by BF Ranch Trust 2015 for the preliminary plan to create 10 single-family residential lots on 38.2 acres of the 40.4-acre parcel, with 3.85 acres of right-of-way zoned RR-2.5. The property is located about 0.75 miles north of Hodgen Road, south of Silver Nell Drive, east of the Walden development and west of Steppler Road, and is included within the boundaries of the Black Forest Preservation Plan area.
   The Nor’wood Foundation property
   The BOCC unanimously approved a request by The Nor’wood Foundation for reconsideration of a previously approved final plat to create 60 single-family residential lots. The property is 319.34 acres, zoned PUD and located north of Shoup Road and east of Vollmer Road.
   Aspen View Homes vs. El Paso County Colorado School District 49
   Aspen View Homes has refused to transfer the land title for a 22-acre property in the Forest Meadows subdivision to D 49. The property has been designated as a school site since 2003. On Oct. 17, the district released a statement indicating that D 49’s legal counsel heard from Aspen View homes on Oct. 3 with a request for the district to “reverify the fee in-lieu-of-land calculation” for the property.
   According to the statement, “Although not explicitly stated, we would interpret this as an indication Aspen View Homes wishes to eventually meet with administrative staff of D 49 and discuss a resolution to the impasse that is delaying our efforts to move forward on building a new middle school to serve students, staff and families of School District 49.”
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