Volume No. 16 Issue No. 10 October 2019  


     Over the recent Labor Day weekend, our daughter drove up from Durango to spend time with our family. The battery on her Honda Civic developed one bad cell.
   On Sunday, we took her car to the Falcon Wal-mart to replace the battery. They said they could replace it in about two hours. They let a novice do the exchange. When he hooked up he new battery, he reversed the polarity and blew the main fuse in the electrical system. When we returned, they said there was no auto parts store open to by a new fuse - until Tuesday.
   We told them my daughter had to get back to Durango and return to her job.
   We came back Monday. They said the auto department manager drove all the way to Denver (on Labor Day) and called in a favor from a friend from a friend in the auto parts business.
   They had the car running normal by Monday afternoon. We took out our credit card to pay for the new battery. They said, after all you have been through, this battery is a complimentary gift from Wal-mart!
   Needless to say, my trust and confidence in Wal-mart was greatly enhanced!
   - Jack Bohannon, PH. D.
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