Volume No. 15 Issue No. 8 August 2018  

  Paint Brush holds fourth water meeting
  By Lindsey Harrison

     On June 28, the Paint Brush Metropolitan District, in coordination with the Colorado Rural Water Association, hosted the fourth in a series of stakeholder meetings at the district office in Falcon, Colorado, to continue developing a source water protection plan.
   According to the April issue of “The New Falcon Herald,” the purpose of the SWPP (source water protection plan) is to determine what risks exist for the district’s source of water.
   Leon Gomes, district manager for PBHMD, said participants finalized the list of source water threats. “We identified things like something seeping into the well, terrorist acts, vandalism, hazardous waste spills and what kind of threats they pose to our source water,” he said. “We designated them with a one, two or three, with one as a high threat, two being somewhat of a threat and three being the lowest threat.”
   Gomes said the participants used specific criteria to assign each threat to a specific level. With that done, the SWPP draft was circulated to the participants for comments, he said. Once all comments have been submitted and any changes have been made, the SWPP will go to the PBHMD board of directors for their approval, Gomes said. Once the document has been approved by the board, it will be a public document, he said.
   “The board and I will work together on what the items in the plan are that call for action, what the priority of each item is and what the board decides on for where to start,” Gomes said. “We may start in pieces to address specific threats individually or we may do the full thing at once.”
   Actions to address identified threats include installing cameras at each well site, intrusion alarms at the pump houses, and electronic access to the pump house buildings so there is no chance for a key to end up in the wrong hands, Gomes said.
   PBHMD received a $5,000 grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to begin work on the SWPP, but the need for additional funding is likely, he said.
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