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As we rush around buying presents, we must always remember that “our presence rather than our presents” is one of the greatest gifts we can give.
– Catherine Pulsifer  
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  Volume No. 16 Issue No. 12 December 2019  

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Bill Radford

  Faces of Black Forest
  Happy in the Forest
  By Bill Radford

   Sherrie Lidderdale has lived in Black Forest about 20 years, and has been a member of the Black Forest Community Club for 18 or so of those years, although she said she is not a “real club type person.”
   In fact, she said her husband, Cal, "Kind of grabbed me kicking and screaming" to get her to go in the first place. But as it turned out, she said, "It was a really, really good way to get to know people in Black Forest."
   The club was chartered in 1929 as a social organization for families in Black Forest. It celebrated its 90th anniversary this summer, with Lidderdale and Dawn Sciarrotta contributing a handmade quilt for a raffle.
   The quilt, Lidderdale is quick to say, "Was Dawn's idea. She was the driving force and paid for most of the fabric. I was just kind of a helper."
   The nonprofit club sponsors Boy Scout Troop 70 and Cub Scout Pack 70. With growth an issue in the area, the club has a standing committee, the Black Forest Land Use Committee.
   "We're just concerned about the growth out here, and we're kind of powerless to do much about it, because the county commissioners ignore the preservation plan," Lidderdale said. "As a group, the club has been interested in preserving as much of Black Forest as we can, but the growth is just unbelievable."
   She worries that growth will disrupt the peaceful nature of Black Forest.
   "It's quiet," she said of the forest. "At night, you can see stars. When the weather is like this, everything is green and lush and pretty. I grew up a suburban kid, so your neighbor was a handshake away. Here it's just so much more isolated and private."
   Lidderdale is a native Californian. "I was a corporate brat; and my dad moved around all over the place, mostly up and down the coast of California." But she went to high school in Montana, where she met Cal.
   Her traveling ways continued after she married her first husband, who worked for a company that moved them all over the Midwest. They ended up stuck in Texas when the company went under.
   "I hated Texas," she said. And when her marriage crumbled, "I thought it was a really good time to just start over again. So I kind of ran away from home and came here. I loved the mountains, I loved the climate, everything about it."
   And the area had one other thing: Cal — the Montana native and high school classmate had been living in Black Forest since the mid-1980s.
   “It's funny," Lidderdale said. "You get curious about people; and, with the internet now, it's easy to connect. We met up on" A simple "hi, how are you doing?" led her to visit Cal — and a romance blossomed that resulted in her second marriage.
   Lidderdale worked as a graphic designer after moving to Colorado; now 74, she retired a decade ago.
   "The downside of being retired is now I have the ‘mañana syndrome,’ where nothing gets done,” she said. “It’s always 'I'll do it tomorrow,' so I really have to force myself to be as productive as I want. I belong to two book clubs; I love to read, I taught myself quilting, so I do a lot of that. I get together with friends for lunch and all of that kind of stuff. We have three rescue dogs, and they keep us busy."
   Their home was spared in the Black Forest fire, but it was a close call; the fire stopped on the ground across the street. But it didn't reach their trees, nor was there any smoke damage in the house. When they returned home after evacuating, they were mystified to hear voices inside; it was their TV, which they had neglected to turn off in their rush to flee.
   "It was a crazy experience, probably the most profound one I've ever been through," Lidderdale said of the fire. Her husband continues to listen to the fire scanner, but she doesn’t like it. "It gives me flashbacks."
   After all that moving around in her younger years, Lidderdale admitted to getting restless sometimes. "Every once in a while, I get itchy feet."
   However, she said it is too much work to move. And besides, she added, ”It’s a really great community."
Sherrie Lidderdale enjoys life in Black Forest with her husband, Cal, and three rescue dogs. Photo by Bill Radford
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  Black Forest Festival, a fun day for everyone
  By Leslie Sheley

   The annual Black Forest Festival was held Aug.10. The Pine Creek High School acapella fusion group sang the national anthem, and John Carrol from KRDO announced the parade and outhouse races. The United States Air Force Academy Wild Blue Country Band played all afternoon. About 70 booths, featuring a variety of goods, from food to arts and crafts, set up at the festival. Ryan Wanner, owner of the R&R Coffee Cafe, said they served 850 breakfasts at the community club that morning.  Dave Hansen, from the Jurassic Poo outhouse group, said, “We are just a group of friends that like to participate in community events and help make things like the BF festival enjoyable to everyone who attends.”
The Pikes Peak Homing Pigeon Club released birds during the parade; the pigeons then returned to their home in Black Forest, which is owned by Art Navalta.The Edith Wolford Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization won first out of 80 entries in the parade entries
The Black Forest Band played a variety of oldies, classic rock, country and more at the Black Forest Festival.Black Forest Brewing Co. won first place in the fourth annual Black Forest Festival outhouse races. BF Ward, Jurassic Poo, The Chicken Coop, R&R Coffee Cafe and UNEEK Septic also participated in the outhouse race.
The Black Forest Community Church and their lawn chair brigade performed as part of the parade.
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  AARP Black Forest
  Summer in Black Forest
  Submitted by Stanley Beckner

   Summer in Black Forest was a busy time for Chapter 1100 of AARP. First, there was the Black Forest Festival, then our chapter’s blood drive; and, later in the month, the senior social. 
   The Black Forest Festival was bigger and better than ever before. There were many vendors and activities, and the AARP Chapter 1100 booth did well. The chapter gave away free bottles of cold water, free potted plants and had delicious homemade cookies and baked goods for sale at reasonable prices. Visitors at the booth were given the opportunity to donate money to Shield 616, a local 501c3 charity, if they desired.   
   A week later, the chapter hosted a blood drive at the Black Forest Fire and Rescue Station on Teachout Road. A local professional organization interviewed all of the volunteers and properly drew blood to preserve for future use in area hospitals. Chapter 1100 members served to greet and help with the administrative activities of signing donors in, and helped set up the area in the firehouse for use during the day.
   The monthly senior social Aug. 28 featured the usual opportunity for individuals of all ages to participate in games crafts, puzzles or just sit and talk in an informal atmosphere. Light snacks were provided. The senior socials, the fourth Wednesday of each month, from 1 to 4 p.m. at Black Forest Lutheran Church, are open to all without membership or financial obligations.
   Contact the Chapter 1100 president, Ray Rozak, at 719-495-6767 if you are interested in visiting the Sept. 11 chapter meeting. All are welcome.
Black Forest Chapter 1100 hosted a booth on the midway at the Aug.10 Black Forest Festival. Numerous chapter volunteers furnished items for the booth and assisted in staffing the booth during the day.
Chapter 1100 volunteers helped with the blood drive Aug. 17 at the Black Forest Fire and Rescue Firehouse in Black Forest (left to right) Shirley Karlstrum, Chuck Karlstrum, Jim Belk, Patricia Dix, Electa Beckner and Lori Belk. Photos submitted
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  No fee senior social

   A monthly informal occasion for seniors is the no fee event. They meet in the Black Forest Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall at 12455 Black Forest Road in Black Forest.
   Seniors are welcome at the Black Forest AARP and Black Forest Lutheran Church monthly informal gathering, held at the Black Forest Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall at 12455 Black Forest Road. The social is from 1 to 4 p.m. the fourth Wednesday of each month, and all are invited to socialize, play games, work on hobbies or to simply sit and talk about “whatever.”  Light refreshments are available. For more information, contact Lavonne at 719-494-1276.
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  Black Forest Women’s Club

   The next meeting of the Black Forest Women’s Club is Sept. 12 at the Black Forest Lutheran Church, 12455 Black Forest Road. The parking lot is in the back. Use the ramp and go in the first door on the right. Coffee and refreshments will be served at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting begins at 10 a.m. The September program will feature Michelle from Wild Blue Cat Rescue. Come learn about cat rescue and spaying and neutering to avoid overpopulation. Visitors and guests are always welcome. Come meet new people. For information, call Carol 719-495-3846.   
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