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“I may not be where I want to be, but I'm thankful for not being where I used to be.”
– Habeeb Akanea  
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  Volume No. 17 Issue No. 11 November 2020  

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  FFPD awards contract for new station
  By Pete Gawda

   Editor’s note: Because of the coronavirus, the FFPD monthly meeting was held via Zoom, and parts of the meeting were not clear, so the focus of this writeup is on the new station.
   At the April 15 meeting of the Falcon Fire Protection District Board of Directors, the board awarded the project for the Station No. 3 to Hammers Construction Inc.
   Bids were accepted through April 10, and a special committee, which included Tom Kerby, Joan Hatchcock and Chief Trent Harwig, reviewed the applications and made recommendations to the board. The board chose Hammers Construction bid, which was $2,200,000
   Three builders submitted bids for a total price tag that ranged from $2 million to $2.7 million. The new building will be financed through a lease-purchase agreement with the bank. Future plans call for the current Station 3 to be converted into an administration building.
   The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department must approve the plans before construction can begin. However, the board expressed that if construction could start by June, it would allow the outside work to be completed before winter.
   According to the FFPD website, 2020 calls through March 31 came in at 682.
   The next board meeting is May 20 at 4 p.m. at Station 3. If the Colorado COVID-19 regulations are still in place, you can join the meeting at HTTPS://ZOOM.US/J/731479999.
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  A salute to Dan Kupferer
  By Pete Gawda

   After 40 years of service with the Falcon Fire Protection District, on April 15, Dan Kupferer ended his stint as a FFPD board director because of term limits.
   “There's nothing here that Dan hasn't been involved in,” said Chief Trent Harwig.“In fact, he recruited me. We were volunteers together.”
   Kupferer was involved in helping an all-volunteer fire department with one station grow to a department with three manned stations and an advanced life support ambulance service. Harwig said Kupferer was also involved in acquiring every piece of apparatus in the department.
   In 1978, Kupferer moved to Falcon; in his first interaction with the then Falcon Volunteer Fire Department, he had to get a letter of commitment from the fire department for a subdivision he was working on as a civil draftsman.
   In February 1980, he became a volunteer firefighter; in 1981, the department transitioned to a fire protection district with paid firefighters. Kupferer worked his way up the ranks of the fire department, and retired as assistant chief on Jan. 1, 2000.
   Kupferer was the assistant chief when Harwig came on board as a volunteer.
   In May 2000, Kupferer was elected to the FFPD board; and, since that time, he has been elected to another four-year term or appointed to fill a vacant term. For the past four years, he has served as board president.
   His career as a civil draftsman and later as a professional land surveyor helped him understand the development process and how it impacts the department, Kupferer said. He was involved in the construction of the last four fire stations, creating the plat and preparing site plans.
   He said the people of the district have been supportive from the beginning. While they haven't always approved mill levy increases, they have come through when it really mattered, he said. In the election of November 2018, they approved the levy increase for the advanced life support ambulance service.
   Kupferer said he will miss interfacing with the dedicated professional personnel that make up the department and its governing board.
Dan Kupferer has 40 years of service with the Falcon Fire Protection District, including firefighter and board director. He recently retired because of term limits. Photo by Robin Widmar
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  Ambulance calls decrease despite virus
  By Pete Gawda

   There is some good news in the midst of all the gloom and doom caused by the coronavirus. Jon Webb, emergency services director for the Falcon Fire Protection District, said ambulance calls have decreased. He said dispatchers notify ambulance crews of any coronavirus symptoms relayed by a caller. The crews use full protective gear and interview the person who called for ambulance service. If they do not exhibit all the symptoms of the virus, the crew asks them to self-quarantine at home, rather than expose others at the hospital. If a person wants to get further medical attention, he or she can have a video conference with a doctor.
   Webb said that the overall call numbers have been down. Because people have been staying at home, he said there are fewer automobile accidents and other traumatic events.
   Currently, they have enough protective equipment and are keeping up with their inventory; and will put in orders as needed. The third ambulance went into service the end of March.
   Stay connected with the Falcon Fire Protection District
   Facebook: Falcon Fire Department
   Twitter: @FalconFireDept
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  Following in his father’s footsteps
  By Pete Gawda

   “It's really the only job I have ever had.”
   Lt. Cody Finn followed in his father’s footsteps and became a firefighter right out of high school. He joked that he had no other choice because, in a sense, he joined a family business.
   “It’s really the only job I have ever had,” Finn said.
   The 10-year veteran is based at Station 3.
   What Finn likes most about his job is the interaction with people on several different levels. He said that is what makes the job fun. What he dislikes most about his job is seeing people at their worst.
   For the May fire safety tip Finn encourages people to keep a defensible space around their houses, making sure there is a clear area of 5 to 30 feet and no tree branches touching the house. Finn reiterated that the FFPD will inspect properties and make fire safety recommendations.
   CORRECTION: In the April issue, we referred to Nathan Hale as a “new” firefighter; however, he has been with the FFPD for at least six years. Chief Trent Harwig was swearing him in because he was promoted to driver/operator.
   Also, Travis Kuemmerle’s name was misspelled. The correct spelling is Kuemmerle.
   We apologize to Nathan and Travis.
Lt. Cody kept the "family business" going by becoming a firefighter. Photo submitted
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