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  Volume No. 17 Issue No. 10 October 2020  

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  Building and real estate update
  By Lindsey Harrison

   Falcon Highlands
   The El Paso County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a construction contract and purchase order to Pyramid Construction Inc. for construction of the Falcon Highlands maintenance project for $2,502,111.90. The contract includes labor, materials and equipment necessary to complete improvements like concrete and asphalt maintenance in multiple filings. The scope of work includes removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, curb ramps, hot mix asphalt patching, paving and crack sealing.
   Falcon Marketplace
   The BOCC unanimously approved a cure of default by LG HI Falcon LLC regarding the subdivision improvements agreement for Falcon Marketplace. On June 16, 2020, the commissioners declared the LG HI Falcon was in partial default because they had not performed any work on the site for about two months, and the incomplete work created an imminent risk to public safety, downstream property and public infrastructure. Since then, the developer has resumed work and the risky conditions have been alleviated.
   UPDATE: Ryan Parsell, chief information officer for El Paso County, sent an email to the NFH regarding the stormwater drainage system/project. The county will not be completing the stormwater project at Falcon Marketplace. He wrote, “We believe the current owner is spearheading that and work resumed some weeks ago. Likewise, the County has not executed on the subdivision bond and it’s still in place.”
   However, a new owner is about to close on Falcon Marketplace.
   Russell Perkins from Evergreen Devco (new owners of Falcon Marketplace) said they will be closing on the property Sept. 24. The NFH will follow up with him for the November issue.
   King Soopers update
   Jessica Trowbridge from King Soopers corporate office recently provided a statement to the NFH regarding the new King Soopers at the Falcon Marketplace.
   “The store is intended to be a marketplace format, meeting many customers’ needs by providing one-stop shopping and access to the essentials customers are looking for.  In addition to traditional grocery offerings, the store will carry apparel, household goods, wellness and beauty items. Additionally, this location will feature a Starbucks, pharmacy, fuel center and will offer pickup, an online ordering and pickup service that makes life a little easier.”
   Trowbridge confirmed the store’s square footage is 123,000.
   “We are optimistic that construction will begin late in 2021, with an early 2023 opening; as with anything during a global pandemic, these dates are tentative and subject to change.”
   Paint Mines
   The commissioners unanimously approved a contract and purchase order to Smith Environmental & Engineering Inc. for the Paint Mines Interpretive Park Restoration Project for $327,796.80. This project is required for the county to restore the site from damage sustained from high usage, vandalism and overcrowding of both trails and parking lots. The work will include resurfacing the 8-foot-wide crushed limestone trail with shoulders, drainage and culvert installation, fencing and signage installation and a new parking area. The project is funded through a Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act Grant.
   Rollin Ridge
   The BOCC unanimously approved a request by TC & C LLC for a construction permit for pre-development site grading for a 57.01-acre area of the proposed Rollin Ridge Filing No. 1 final plat before approval of the final plat. The property is located at the southwest corner of the Highway 83 and Hodgen Road intersection.
   Edgewood minor subdivision
   The commissioners unanimously approved a request by Karen and James Martens for a minor subdivision to create two single-family residential lots on 12 acres, zoned residential rural-5 and located on the north side of Poco Road, about 0.25 miles west of Vollmer Road. The approval is for a 7.22-acre lot, a 5.01-acre lot, a 5-foot-wide public improvement easement next to Poco Road and a 20-foot-wide strip of land within the second lot for a drainage easement. The property is located within the boundaries of the Black Forest Preservation Plan.
   Grandview Reserve
   The BOCC unanimously approved a request by 4 Site Investments LLC for the sketch plan to allow development of 768 acres, zoned residential rural-2.5. The sketch plan allows for 587.1 acres of residential area with no more than 3,260 dwelling units, 127.1 acres of parks and open space, 17 acres of institutional area, 16.4 acres of neighborhood commercial area and 20.6 acres of public rights-of-way. The property is located north of Judge Orr Road, next to Eastonville Road and Highway 24 and included within the Falcon/Peyton Small Area Master Plan.
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