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  Volume No. 16 Issue No. 9 September 2019  

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  Building and real estate update
  By Lindsey Harrison

   The Retreat at TimberRidge
   The El Paso County Planning Commission unanimously approved a request from TimberRidge Development Group LLC for a Colorado Revised Statutes Title 32 Special District service plan for the Retreat Metropolitan District No. 1 and No. 2. The districts are located north of the proposed Briargate Parkway/Stapleton Road corridor, east of Vollmer Road and adjacent to Arroya Lane; and are included within the boundaries of the Black Forest Preservation Plan.
   The applicant proposed the following: a maximum debt authorization of $14.5 million, a debt service mill levy of 50 mills, an operations and maintenance mill levy of 10 mills and 5 mills for covenant enforcement.
   Statutory purposes of the districts include the following: water and sewage disposal services; street improvements, transportation and safety protection; design, construction and maintenance of drainage facilities; design, acquisition of land, construction and maintenance of recreation facilities; mosquito control; covenant enforcement; television relay and translation; and security services.
   On Aug.1, Spencer Fane LLP submitted a letter of intent to the county to construct about 193 single-family residential units on about 227 acres within the boundaries of District No. 1 and 2, and requested “the next possible public hearing” of the BOCC to meet the requirements of a formation election in November.
   On Aug. 22, Terra Nova Engineering Inc. submitted a letter of intent to the county proposing the final plat of eight single-family residential lots measuring 2.5 acres and two single-family residential lots measuring 5 acres, called the TimberRidge Estates. The applicant also proposed 1.3 acres for storm water detention and 6.82 acres for public rights-of-way. The final plat measures a total of 38.25 acres. Access to the site will be from Arroya Lane.
   Bennett Channel Sediment Removal Project
   The EPC Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved an amendment and change order to a contract with Frontier Environmental Services LLC for the Bennett Channel Sediment Removal Project for $244,892. The original contract was for $450,271, awarded to Frontier on April 2, bringing the total contract amount to $695,136.
   Pineries Open Space
   The BOCC unanimously approved a construction contract and purchase order to 53 Corporation LLC for construction of the Pineries Open Space Phase 1 project for $345,219. The project site is located on the 1,067-acre Pineries Open Space in Black Forest, northeast of the intersection of Vollmer Road and Shoup Road. It is being funded by EPC Regional Park fees and ballot issue 1A funds; and includes the following scope of work: a 28-foot wide gravel access road, including an asphalt entrance from Vollmer; 71 stalls of parking space; and roadway drainage culverts.
   McLaughlin Road/Old Meridian Road Improvement Project
   The commissioners unanimously approved a memorandum of agreement, a special warranty deed, a non-exclusive permanent easement and a temporary construction easement from property owned by Gesick Investments LLC for $108,000 for the McLaughlin Road/Old Meridian Road Improvement Project.
   Frank Road
   The BOCC unanimously approved a memorandum of agreement and a special warranty deed from property owned by Jimmy and Jean Young for $5,250 for the Frank Road right-of-way.
   Hunsinger subdivision
   The commissioners unanimously approved a request by Hunsinger Development corporate to vacate and replat three residential lots to create a total of five residential lots on the site in the following sizes: Lot 1 – 3.33 acres; Lot 2 – 2.67 acres; Lot 3 – 2.53 acres; Lot 4 – 3.12 acres; and Lot 5 – 3.52 acres. The property is zoned residential rural 2.5 and is located about 0.4 miles east of the Voyager Parkway and Old Ranch Road intersection.
   Herbertson property
   The BOCC unanimously approved a request by the Herbertson Family Living Trust for a variance of use for another dwelling unit on the 47.55-acre property, zoned RR-5 and located on the east side of Highway 83, about 0.33 miles south of the Highway 83 and Walden Way intersection. It is included within the boundaries of the Black Forest Preservation Plan. Two residential dwelling units are currently located on the property, but the second unit requires a variance of use to be used for a rental structure.
   Paint Brush Hills
   The commissioners unanimously approved the final release of a letter of credit for a defect warranty for the Scenic View at Paint Brush Hills subdivision for $25,160. All improvements have been completed and inspected.
   Homestead at Sterling Ranch
   On July 6, N.E.S Inc. submitted an application for the final plat for 72 single-family residential lots within the Sterling Ranch Development, located adjacent to Vollmer Road and south of Stapleton Road.
   N.E.S. also submitted a letter of intent in July for the final plat for 104 single-family units within Homestead at Sterling Ranch Filing No. 2 on 29.658 acres, located within the 182.26-acre Sterling Ranch Preliminary Plan approved by the BOCC May 26.
   Branding Iron at Sterling Ranch
   On July 6, Challenger Homes submitted an application to develop 51 single-family residential lots in the Branding Iron at Sterling Ranch Filing No. 1, located east of Vollmer Road and south of Stapleton Road.
   Loudermilk property
   The BOCC unanimously approved a request by Bradley Design LLC for a minor subdivision to create two single-family residential lots on 19.87 acres, zoned RR-5 and located on the west side of East Goshawk Road, about 0.4 miles north of Hodgen Road. The subdivision created one 14.87-acre lot and one 5-acre lot and the property is located within the boundaries of the Black Forest Preservation Plan.
   Judge Orr Ranchettes
   The commissioners unanimously approved a request by John and Linda Jennings for the final plat to create seven single-family residential lots on 40.65 acres, located at the northwest corner of the Judge Orr Road and Stapleton Drive intersection. The property is zoned RR-5 and is located within the boundaries of the Falcon/Peyton Small Area Master Plan.
   Falcon Fields
   In June, N.E.S. submitted a letter of intent to the county on behalf of Falcon Fields LLC to request a rezoning of two parcels, measuring 33.14 acres and 24.53 acres, respectively, from RR-5 to commercial zoning. The property is located south of Rio Lane and east of the Woodmen Road and Highway 24 intersection and is within the boundaries of the Falcon/Peyton Small Area Master Plan.
   Grazing Yak Solar Project
   Bryan Garner, director of communications for NextEra Energy Resources LLC, wrote in an email to "The New Falcon Herald" that construction on the Grazing Yak solar array, which includes about 125,000 6-foot-by-4-foot photovoltaic solar panels, began in July; he anticipates construction will be complete by the end of 2019.
   4-Way Ranch
   Brian Matise, an attorney with Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine P.C., wrote in an email to the NFH that the litigation between 30 residents of the 4-Way Ranch Metropolitan District and five board members plus 4-Way Ranch Joint Venture LLC is scheduled to go to trial Sept. 3.
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