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4 Way Ranch Commercial Metro District updat

By Pete Gawda

The Falcon area is a step closer to having another retail center that could provide extended shopping opportunities. On June 15, the El Paso County Planning Commission voted  5-1 to recommend that the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners approve a service plan for 4 Way Commercial Metropolitan District, which will overlay the existing 4 Way Ranch Metro District No. 1 and No. 2. The rezoning for commercial purposes was approved in February. 

The property consists of about 67.1 acres on both sides of Stapleton Road at the intersection of Stapleton Road and Highway 24. It lies within 4 Way Ranch Metro District 1. The service plan allows for a maximum indebtedness of $36,685,000 to finance infrastructure and a total maximum mill levy of 65 mills, which includes 50 mills for debt service, 10 mills for operation and maintenance and a special purpose levy of 5 mills. As with other metro districts, the commercial metro district will be responsible for roadways, public areas, drainage systems and the water and sewer system. However, per agreement with 4 Way Ranch Metro District 2, once the sewer and water systems are completed by the Commercial Metro District, those utilities will be turned over to metro district 2. Metro district 2 would then operate and maintain those systems and provide a water source and sewage treatment. 

The zoning for a commercial metro district allows for a wide variety of businesses, including automobile storage, bakery, car wash, laundromat, medical clinic, liquor store, restaurant, rental services, theater, nursery and retails sales. 

The commercial metro district is in the Falcon Fire Protection District. A determination of water sufficiency is not required until the property is subdivided. 

The board of county commissioners will consider the service plan on July 18.

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