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2040 plan: fewer roads in the county

For the past two years, the El Paso County Transportation Department has been updating its Major Transportation Corridors Plan for 2040, which is a long-range plan for transportation needs in the unincorporated area of El Paso County.County Engineer Andre Brackin updated the board of county commissioners on the planís status in April.Brackin said the 2040 MTCP is final, with one exception: deciding how to calculate transportation impact fees for developers ñ to be determined after a series of meetings this summer.ìWe did a good job with energizing the public, getting people out to town hall meetings and getting their ideas and their input into this plan,î Brackin said.The public’s highest priority is road maintenance, he said. As a result, the 2040 MTCP eliminates new lanes and projects that were on the 2030 MTCP, reducing the countyís maintenance burden and freeing up money for safety improvements such as upgrades to rural roads.Over all, Chavez said the 2040 MTCP forecasts $150 million less in road construction costs than the 2030 MTCP.The MTCP is divided into three phases: short-term, mid-term and long-range.In the Falcon, Peyton and Black Forest areas, the short-term phase, from 2011 to 2020:

  • capacity improvements for Highway 24, between Garrett Road and Old Meridian Road and Constitution Avenue and Highway 94
  • paving for Walker Road, Hopper Road, Log Road and Sweet Road, between Peyton Highway and Ellicott Highway
  • rural road upgrades for Davis Road, Blaney Road, Falcon Highway and Judge Orr Road, between Highway 24 and Peyton Highway; Shoup Road and segments of Vollmer Road and Hodgen Road
The mid-term phase, from 2021 to 2030:
  • paving for Eastonville Road, north of Stapleton Drive; Latigo Boulevard, between Eastonville Road and Elbert Road; and Murphy Road, between Peyton Highway and Ellicott Highway
  • capacity improvement for Meridian Road, between Londonderry Road and Rex Road
  • construction of road segments that will eventually connect Stapleton Drive to Black Forest Road
  • rural road upgrades for Burgess Road and portions of Vollmer Road, Curtis Road, Murphy Road, Garrett Road and Ellicott Highway
The long-term phase, from 2031 to 2040:
  • capacity improvements for Highway 24, between Ellicott Highway and Calhan Highway
  • capacity improvements on Highway 94, between Corral Valley Road and Slocum Road
  • completion of the connection of Stapleton Drive to Black Forest Road
  • realignment of Peyton Highway, where it crosses Falcon Highway
  • paving for portions of Big Springs Road, Soap Weed Road, Jones Road and Ramah Highway
  • rural road upgrades for Slocum Road and segments of Black Forest Road, Walker Road, Falcon Highway and Peyton Highway
The 2040 MTCP identifies three funding sources for the next 30 years:
  • developers, estimated at $256 million
  • Colorado Department of Transportation, which is responsible for $217 million; funding shortfalls might require highway improvement funds from developers
  • the county, ranging from $17 million to $102 million, depending on developers
CDOT becomes involved with development when access to the state highway system is required. When it comes to growth-induced capacity improvements, CDOT looks to local agencies or developers for funding, he said.The connection of Meridian Road to Highway 24 is one example. Falcon Highlands Metropolitan District is responsible for building the intersection. CDOT and the county are waiting, but there is no money for the project at this time, Brackin said.The potential for oil and gas development on Banning Lewis Ranch has also had an impact on the 2040 MTCP.For years, planning maps have shown Banning Lewis Parkway running parallel to Marksheffel Road, between Woodmen Road and Highway 24; the parkway was planned to handle traffic from residential development anticipated at Banning Lewis Ranch.But Brackin said it is unlikely the parkway will ever be built.Oil and gas has had an impact on Marksheffel Road, too. Brackin said plans for Marksheffel need to be reconsidered.View the entire plan at

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